Mass is almost over and all I can think of is the sweet aroma of the cabbages and meat stew that is masking the whole church. We were all standing waiting for the priest to exit. I was so hungry but it did not matter because on this particular day I had my cutlery with me in the church nobody had noticed since I was asleep through the whole mass. My friends and I had bought a few avocados that would spice up the food. Once the priest was outside the church we all dashed out heading towards the dinning hall. We were definitely the first ones there but sadly the hall was not yet opened so we waited outside making sure that we leaned on the door just in case the door would be opened and people would go in scrambling for meat…which was a like Santa’s present to us every Thursday.

Students marched hurriedly not to queue but to actually secure a spot that would be ideal for them to rough their way into the hall. I stood clinging to the door with my stomach rumbling so loud that I could hear it even with the commotion outside the dinning hall.
Seconds seemed like hours.
What were the cooks doing inside. Its past time already. “
I was beginning to get mad. All my energy that day had been consumed up in the basketball court and the other was all used up in gossiping and writing of letters during classtime. I really needed to eat. Then I heard the footsteps and just like in the movies I could hear a song play in my head a breakthrough theme song. No sooner had I squeezed my self through the door than felt a huge blow of an elbow thrust through my rib cage. The blow sent me falling head on to the floor. I could feel the pain rush through my body and tears flooded my eyes. I was feeling embarrassed and at the same time disappointed since I had really planned for the meal. I was so sure that I would not get a taste of the meat and the next time I would eat meat would be the coming week.

Some students who were in no hurry to scramble for the food helped me up dusting out the dirt on my skirt. i slowly limped towards my usual table only to realize that food was almost over and the only food that I could see was huge cabbages very fatty meat no soup but at least there was a piece of ugali left. My friends had all partitioned the avocados amongst themselves-“some friends I had.” 
I wished I had not even hurried after the mass and maybe If I had not slept through the whole mass everything would be so different. Now I was being superstitious…but one thing was definite I would not scramble for food and I would not sleep through mass-at least I thought.