It was the year 1994 a chilly Monday morning when kamau and his siblings were getting ready to got to school. Kamau was about to join standard eight and he was so exited because he knew at least  when he was done with class eight he will try and find a job so that he could help his mother with financial support. Meeting new pupils and making new friends newcomers in public schools really excited the students of ‘unazi primary school.’ ‘Hurry up miri we will be late and u know the way teacher juma loves to cane us hurry hurry,’ said kamau.                                                                                                                                                                          ‘Coming coming relax eiishhhh let me pack this ugali am almost done.’ ‘Ok lets go aii,’ said Miri.                                                                                                                                                                                       They quickly hurried down the dusty road with bare feet but that did not bother them they had gotten used to it since they were little babies. From a distance they saw Omosh kamau’s best friend since they were in nursery school he was standing with a new ‘click’ of friends which kamau did not like especially Jufo the eldest of them all. Every one in school was scared of that crew since it was rumoured that they used to steal and also beat up people in Soweto.
‘Miri nacheki umegrow siku hizi!kam unigote,’ said Jufo as Kamau and Miri approached the crew.
‘Miri don’t worry I will take care of you they will not harm you’ said Kamau ‘We don’t want any trouble with you Jufo so leave my sister alone. Hi omosh you coming to school?’ continued Kamau.
‘School is for fools kama acha kujidai ti wewe ni chopy join my crew and you will not want to go to school ever again,’ said Jufo.
‘I was talking to Omosh not you Jufo!! So Omosh you coming?’
‘Somebody developed some horns heee Kama unaona vile siku hizi unaeza ongea mbaya…’ ‘Haya Omosh bonga na beste yako tutapatana matime!’ said Jufo as he walked passed Kamau and his sister Miri and then standing next to her bending down next to her ear and whispering ‘Tutapata tu Miri’
Kamau grabbed her sister gently and and patted her back as an a assurance that everything will be okay. He then turned to Kamau who was standing there smiling and said ‘What is happening to you nowadays you don’t pass by house to say hi I don’t see you on the weekends? I have heard rumors that you are hanging out with Jufo and his boys whats wrong Omosh?’                                                                                                                                                           Walking towards Kamau he said ‘ Miri we are right behind you let the men talk for a few minutes sawa?’
Miri turned towards her big brother and Kamau gave her a nod reassuring her that it is okay she then turned and walked towards the school gate.                                                                                        ‘You know Jufo is right, Kamau school is for fools…..”                                                                                       Interrupting ‘what is wrong with you Omosh since when has school been for fools Jufo is the one who is a fool!! Hanging out with those fools will not take you anywhere Omosh! What is happening to…..?’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cutting him off  and raising his voice ‘FOOLS FOOLS??? KAMA THEY ARE NOT FOOLS COME CLOSER AND SEE THE MONEY IN MY POCKET Sh.500 ALL IN ONE NAIT!!!!
‘Its not worth it Omosh risking your life for easy money!! What happened to the dreams we had? What happened to you wanting to become a famous painter? Eh remember the dreams we had Omosh acha kuniangusha bana’ said Kamau with a lot of sympathy and concern in his voice.
‘Aaaahhh those were dreams and dreams don’t come true and anyway that was when we were children now we are grown men Kamau. Come on stop acting like a baby especially now that your mum is sick you need easy money. Or you think we don’t know? The whole of Soweto knows that she can not manage to raise money for hospital bill. Kamau we all know she has cancer and you know very well that you can not come up with money to p….’
Raising his voice ‘ You don’t know anything about my mother so leave her out of this. I don’t know what you have turned into Omosh!!!!’
Kamau then walked passed him hurriedly heaving with a lot of anger saying ‘Let me go to school and leave you here with your easy money theories!!
Shouting over his shoulder ‘Once you change your mind Kamau you know where to get me!!!’
Kamau did not even turn behind he walked straight to the school and unfortunately found teacher Juma standing there with a long bamboo stick. A chill ran down his spine but he knew he had no choice but to join the others who were also kneeling down due to being late. In his mind he was cursing Omosh for talking about his mother. He never wanted anyone to know about his mothers condition and especially hated the looks that people in Soweto gave him…looks of sympathy and looks that suggested that they were outcasts. His thoughts were destructed by a loud annoying voice.
‘And you Kamau what is your excuse this time???? Kamau Kamau!!!
‘Sorry yes sir sorry sir my mind my mind…ehh sir I don’t have any excuse’ Kamau said with a shaky voice.
‘Then turn and lie on your stomach!! Exclaimed teacher Juma. Canning Kamau’s buttocks he said ‘Mnadhani kila siku ni mchezo??? Ehhh unadhani sina kazi ingine ehhhh??? Run to class!! Stupid students.’’
Kamau hurriedly rushed to class massaging his back.
It all happened during break time when the Ms. Wanjala entered the classroom with a list of names and started calling out the names….. to be continued…