Don let the mosquitoes bite”

‘Good night sleep tight don’t let the mosquitoes bite!’ Yes I heard this phrase a lot of times but really did not take a keen interest to the ‘don’t let the mosquito’s bite’ part. In fact I always used the phrase in my random good night texts and inboxes on face book. So the day before yesterday the phrase actually meant something to me. I entered my room did the obvious you know showering ticking my to-do list (which I hardly do, but I do at items anyway whatever that means). Prepared some good supper read a book and sank into my cozy bed.
‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,’ that’s all I could hear that night . Oh my God the mosquitoes couldn’t stop buzzing and biting me. I couldn’t sleep so I decided on some massacre action that night. So yesterday I bought the new doom, you know the one that is always in the adverts the powerful and effective one. It was going down in my room genocide mass killing something similar to the Bosnia killing only that now it was happening to the phylum anthropoda. My heart just jumped at the anxiety of killing the annoying blood sucking insects.
I improvised a mask (one of my old scarf’s which I did not throw hmm I did not know they would come in handy) which covered my nose and mouth I did not want to get intoxicated and go down with the mosquitoes. I could feel my eyes glowing ohh how I would sleep peacefully but first the ‘pests’ had to die first. I put on some greed day the shenanigans albums rock that usually gave me psyke and which I hoped would be noise to the cousins’, aunts’, brothers and sisters to loui the mosquito.
Doom… Check

I mercilessly sprayed my room killing every mosquito that I saw and spraying in the air as per the instruction on the doom cover. I think I over did it but it did not matter. They had to DIE DIE. So for the next two hours my room was under quarantine. With a grin on my face anxiously watched the clock tick for two hours…yes that’s how anxious and serious I was about the genocide. I think I slept on the couch with a remote in my hand because I woke up three hours later. I dragged my feet to my room, the smell of doom was now mild but it really did not affect me since I had done justice to my sleep and skin. In about two three minutes I was dead asleep.
“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” what the….. No no no!!!!!! This can not be happening. I think the mosquitoes mutated. The doom was perfect no no no. there was actually no need for an alarm the mosquitoes did me the honors of waking me up. Not in a way I wanted but they STILL DID IT. Now back to some research on how to massacre them. Think al start small time with buying a net. Someone told me cow dung works am yet to find out. Wink wink … hey this is me being me