They had just finished their last drink at ‘bululuz’ the new joint in town and they were now exiting to go for the long awaited party at Hurlingam. Lindsay, carol and Maggie could not wait to meet new people and especially the cute guys who randomly checked into such parties. It was their first time to go for such parties and being first years in campus it was a huge privilege to actually be invited. Lindsay had a nice white tank top that had glitters ad a short black skirt that matched with her gladiator shoes and the new clutch bag that she had recently bought at Jamia mall. Carol had a cute purple bare back top that matched well with her new tight blue jeans and black high heeled peep toes. Maggie on the other hand had won a nice fitting white blouse, a grey coat and blue skinny jeans that matched well with her new stilettos. They staggered out of the club heading towards the parking area so as to get a taxi that would drop them to hurlingam.

‘Ni how much hadi hurli?’ asked Maggie as she reached for make up in her hand bag.

‘Mtalipa thao mbili’ said the driver

‘Ahh wewe ishia si tukona 1500. utachukua hiyo au tuende tuget cab ingine?’ Lindsay shouted from the back of the seat.

‘Sawa basi lakini mjue hapo nimewalipisha poa sana.’said the driver ‘Ehhh na si mnakaa poa si ata mimi naeza kam na nyinyi.’ Added the taxi driver with a laughter.

‘Wewe fanya kazi yako tutake hurli hizo sides za Tulia.’ Said carol with a sneer.

The three exchanged different types of perfume and drowned themselves in the fragrance. The neatly applied make up and conversed about how that would be the night of their lives. They just couldn’t wait especially Carol who had planned that this would be the night that she would break her virginity. Anxiety could be seen all over her face and she just could not wait to drown herself in vodka so that she could do away with the shyness that engraved her.

‘Haya ndio hapa.mmefika lipeni!’ said the driver over his shoulders as he looked at the girls.

‘NKT kwani ulikua unadhani tutahepa na pesa zako shika ndio hizo!’ shouted Maggie

‘Na msilewe sana mnaeza bebwa kama chips fungwa!!HEHE!’ laughed the driver as the girls hoped out of the taxi.

‘Kwenda uko!! Sisi tunakaa kama ma chips funga kwako?? Puuu!’ shouted Maggie as she staggered to catch up with the other girls.

The music from the house could be heard all the way from the streets and this just raised the anxiety of the girls. They danced and staggered as they headed towards the gate.
People were all over drinking and smoking. There was a pool table there outside and both the lads and girls were playing it as they sipped their drinks which were of all types( vodka,brandy,beer,tequila,whisky…etc) the girls made their grand entrance as the lads drooled at them. Lindsay, carol and Maggie knew the drill which was never to look desperate at first sight so they assumed the whistles and entered the house which was full of people of all races. It was so unbelievable. This was not what the girls expected it was much better.

‘Heyyyyyy you made it!’ shouted lizzie from behind.
Lizzie was the girl’s schoolmate. She was in fourth year and she was the one who had invited the girls to the party.

‘Hey lizzie you look smoking hot,” said Maggie ‘and drank too ha-ha,’ added carol.

‘The booze is for free! What do you expect! Ha-ha’ laughed lizzie. ‘anyway follow me we go grab some drinks and meet cute guys,’ added lizzie with a wink.

The girls made their way to the balcony which was full of people who were smoking shisha, making out and dancing un-rhythmically to madtraxx ‘get down’ song.

‘Meet my friends James, mark, peter, gash, charlo, amina, saidi and Martha. Have a sit girls here are your drinks.’ Shouted Lizzie under the loud music.

The girls squeezed themselves into the white leather coach and each grabbed a glass and poured herself some vodka and soda. The girls sipped their drinks as they nodded their heads rhythmically to the music. They quickly bonded with the guys there and chatted loudly as they drank more and more. They stood and danced marvelously they were such good dancers and they marveled the guys who had sat there. They screamed each time they heard a good song would each grab a guy to dance with. They felt as though they were on top of the world. They got compliments of being beautiful and being good dancers. They laughed at stupid conversations smoked shisha and bhang for the first time. They were having a good time and they did not regret a thing.
Carol excused herself and danced out so as to look for a toilet and also to break the monotony of sticking to one place. The house was so large and she was so high she could not locate the toilet so she let herself wander around the house it was too part of the adventure.

‘Hey pretty,’ said a voice behind her.
Carol turned her head and saw a cute tall guy standing behind her holding out  glass of wine for her.

‘Hi you,’ she responded with a cute smile.

‘You seem lost. Looking for someone?’ asked the guy.

‘Am actually looking for the ladies and am lost ha-ha,’ said carol with a blush.

‘This way. I have not caught your name. Am max by the way. thanks for asking,’ said the guy with a wink.

‘Ha-ha your funny max. Am carol,’ she responded as she followed max upstairs to where the toilets were.

‘I will be out in a minute,’ said carol

While inside the toilet carol smiled to herself. She could not believe that this max guy with all his cuteness ha d actually offered to show her the toilet and was actually standing outside the toilet waiting for her. her heart beat accelerated as she flashed the toilet and walked out.

‘Wine?’ asked max

‘Yes of course,’ answered carol.

Carol and max walked towards the upstairs balcony chatting about their lives and max was charming his way to carols heart which was actually working.
Carol sipped her wine slowly as she listened to max who was flirting with her. Carol wondered whether it was obvious to max that she was a virgin. She hardly cared because she was high enough to gather some courage to tell him that she would love to be deflowered that night.

‘Some more wine?’ I can rush downstairs and bring the wine for you,’said  max as he kissed carol on the cheeks.

‘I wouldn’t mind some more but hurry back. I don’t want to miss u,’ carol said with a blush and slur speech. She was so drunk.
After a few minutes max was back with two glasses of wine.

‘Well thank you,’ said carol
After few sips carol felt as though there was plastic foam inside her head.
What was happening? Shapes shifted in front of her eyes and Max’s voice ballooned out of his mouth, volume rising and falling. What was that what was max saying?

‘Are you okay. Because you don’t look so good.’

‘I’m fine,’ carol said. She was nearly overcome with dizziness and nausea. She gripped the wall she was sitting on in the balcony with both hands held on tight.

Max leered, his face very big in front of hers. There were flashes in the sky behind max, bright colors and images that carol could not make out. There was a whooshing in her ears, blood racing.

‘Have you spiked my drink max?’ ‘Because I don’t feel okay.’
Bending down to her ear max whispered ‘you are just drunk carol lets go find some where you can rest.’
 But carol had her doubts she knew that what she was feeling was not normal and her vision was blur.

‘No its okay max let me go back to my friends!’

She pushed max aside and walked back to where Lindsay, Lizzie and Maggie had sat. She could not make the way back and she felt like crying since her stomach clenched tightly. Carol staggered downstairs and realized that music was now not as loud as it was before and people had gone only a few had remained and they were scattered all over some drank on the sofas others sitting on the floor. She located where she and her friends had sat but no one was there only two boys smoking some shisha. She could not also locate her clutch bag.

 ‘Have you seen Lindsay and my other friends?’ asked carol with a lot of desperation in her voice.

‘If you are talking about the girls who were sitted here they went hours ago. But you can come and join us.” Said one of the boys as he walked towards carol.
Quickly carol ran towards the exit of the house helplessly looking for her friends but all she could see were three boys shooting pool. She was not feeling okay and her head was so heavy and her stomach continued to ache. She was feeling so much pain that she even had tears rolling down her cheeks. She hated herself for coming to this party. She sat on the chair next to her and tried to compose herself. She vomited continuously and nobody cared.  

‘Is everything okay carol?’ asked max ‘want some more wine?’

‘Get out of here! You spiked my drink you fool!’ she tried to stand up but her feet could not hold her.

‘Let me help you carol. You should go rest upstairs.’

‘Noooo!!! Max go to hee…..ell’

‘What’s that again? Hahahahaha! Carol you fool. Campus chicks are so stupid. Come here.’

Max forcefully grabbed carol and carried her upstairs. Carol tried to let go but she was too weak to do anything. She was so helpless. Thoughts of the night faded from her head and she went blank and could not see anything and what she could hear were distant voices of people. Her mind suddenly went blank and everything in her life just went dark.

Rays of the sun were streaming through the curtains and voices of people shouting could be heard. Carol slowly turned and she realized that she was sleeping in a bed was not familiar to her. Her heart raced and she got so scared wondering what had happened the previous night. All she could remember was chatting with a cute guy who showed her to the toilet. The rest was a blur to her.

‘Hey pretty. I can see you are awake….’ said a voice that interrupted her thoughts.

‘Where am I? You must be max. What happened last night max?’

‘Hahaah you can’t remember? We had a good time and you a re such a good lover.’ Answered max with a smile. He sat next to carol as he gave her water.’ ‘But last night you were so drunk carol. But at least you enjoyed yourself. So some more drinks?’

‘What are you talking about? Yesterday night I did not have sex with anyone? You are lying!!’ shouted carol. Then she realized that all she had on her was a gown and beneath was actually nothing she was naked. Tears flowed down her cheeks she could not believe what was happening. Her head spinned and felt so weak. That’s when she remembered about her stomach aching and her feeling all weak and the fact that she could not locate her friends. She cried uncontrollably.

‘You will get over it carol relax. Samuel actually loved the way you kissed!!’
Cutting him off ‘who the hell is Samuel???’

‘Clearly you can’t remember. We were three of us carol and you actually loved all the attention. You kept saying how much you wanted to break your virginity. C’mon carol stop acting like you can’t remember anything. Come on lets go downstairs Samuel and mark are playing play station and am sure they would love to meet a sober you. What do you think?’ said max with a mocking voice.

‘Oh my God where are my clothes I want to leaving this place?’

‘Here….’ max said as he handed her clothes.
She quickly dressed and rushed out of the house. On her way out that is when she located her purse. She grabbed it hurriedly. As she ran out two boys who carol assumed to be Samuel and mark whistled telling her to remain and that they would love to have a rematch of what had happened the previous night. Carol ignored them and found her way to the streets. She had no phone and her clutch only had sh.200. She walked towards the stage looking all wasted dirty and with tears running down hr chicks. She wondered what had happened to her. She could feel pain and she also felt bruised in her private parts. She was so scared. She wondered where she would make her first stop: Campus, home or hospital. She wondered what had happened to her friends. Had they left her intentionally or had they also been in a bad nightmare just like her. She could not imagine that her first time to have sex was a blur. And that it was with three guys.
‘Wake up carol,’ she told herself. But all this was reality.