Human beings tend to trust easily. Whenever we are with people whom we spend our day to day lives with, we tend to think they can be our confidants with our personal issues.

We emotionally expose our vulnerabilities to people, but believing that they will not take advantage to our openness. But that is being human.
Having friends at our work places is not a bad thing but choices should be made wisely.
Someone once told me that, ‘we are a flawed species incapable of faithfulness to anything.’
We all tend to make haste judgments without thinking of the repercussions. Choosing who to be confident with in our work place should not just be something that is done without thinking twice. Trust is a very sensitive thing and caution should be taken when trusting people. We tend to think that just because we have spent time with colleagues for a few months or even years in the same station would actually make us great friends.

Vadim Kotelnikov quoted that trust elevates levels of commitment and sustains efforts and performance without the need for management controls and close monitoring. BUT that does not mean that our personal issues should be involved in our work. To open up to someone is actually good therapy for the soul but at the same time making us vulnerable. This people we open up to might end trusting other people with your issues. But have you ever taken the time to think, what if we end up disagreeing with this people?
 Your issues will end up being put out in the whole work place and in the end, end up looking like a fool to everyone.  At times it might have been something that involves your superiors or your juniors, what if you decide air your views to a couple of friends thinking that that particular story will just remain amongst yourselves? Human is to error and to disagree is a norm among beings, if the secret is leaked out fingers might be pointed at you and accusations made. 

What am I saying? It is healthy to choose friends and also to choose who to tell what and who not to tell. My advice is just keep to yourself, you don’t have to tell about your personal issues to colleagues who might in turn that information against you.