A life without second chances ceases to be enjoyed as life. ‘What good is it if we make mistakes learn from them but don’t get a chance to show that we have learnt from them, however we all should be responsible for our actions and accept their consequences.
Second chances are given to us so that we can make better decisions in life. 
    Sometime back I was wondering what it is that motivates me. I realized that am motivated by success, success of other people motivates me. I don’t like defeat and as much as I appreciate other peoples success I also don’t like being the one who does not have something concrete to show and most importantly to myself that I have succeeded. 
So you made wrong choices! That does not mean that you don’t have the right to have a second chance. Take an example of my friend Sid. He had scored good marks in his KCPE and was enrolled to a good provincial school. Life was good for Sid and he got perfect friends who he hanged around with, in my street lingua they are called ‘cliques’.  Time went by and his perfect friends were not perfect after all. Their priorities were different to those of Sid’s but Sid knew that that would not affect him. His friends used to sneak alcohol and drugs to school but Sid did not indulge into their behaviours he just hanged around them, but as the bible says show me your friends and I’ll know your character. If you concur with this theory they say, experience is the best teacher. Sid did not stick to his principles for a long time he began indulging himself into alcohol and slowly by slowly his principles were no more.

 Soon life was bound to change because he cleared his form four and all his friends were no where to be found, they had all separated ways. He beat himself up for not achieving his goals. He felt wasted. It took him a long time to realize that he could give himself a second chance.

In life we have to crawl so that we can learn how to walk and so as to learn how to walk we have to use stands or things to support us. Sid did that and he learnt to forgive himself for not standing to his ground. He made amends and slowly by slowly he enrolled into a college, utilized his talents and also worked hard. 
Many of us can compare ourselves to Sid’s life and can empathise with his ups and downs. We all have barriers that may hinder us from becoming better people and end up making wrong decisions. This does not mean that life ends here; it means that we get a second chance. The second chance that we get is determined by the choices we make. The only person who determines whether you win or loose whether you acquire your dreams or not, is you. Failure needs no alibis.
Having a second chance contributes to shaping our personality. One thing about second chances is sometimes the pain we endure to get there is immense, but like gold you are refined beyond measure and made new ready to rock and roll again.