So when I was told do write something on fashion I went like…”Hmmm what do I know about fashion? I shop at Ngara, Toy Market, exhibitions…” To say the least anywhere where I find good clothes, I’m game. I don’t try too hard to look good. I love simplicity! The whole African trend from the bangles to the beads around the neck…okay who am I kidding? I dress to anything that covers my body and makes me look good. I love a touch of class…key word, a ‘TOUCH’.  Maybe I try too hard! Hmm! who knows?

 LETS SAY I was a ‘FASHIONISTA’, one thing I would want to do away with is the WEAVE!  Yea, I said it. Don’t raise your eyebrows; especially if you know it looks cheap and bushy, I’m sorry. So back then even before Jeremiah was still prophesying that God knew me before I was in my mother’s womb, long hair was considered as a sign of beauty and fertility. Samson had long hair that gave him strength. Weave wouldn’t!!!
 Ha-ha! Anyway back to my point. So people had long hair and they did not need all these chemicals to make them lavish and look like some star characters in a Naija movie. Don’t get me wrong, they look somehow good in their weaves but hey that’s in Naija not Kenya. Nowadays if you don’t have long hair you go buy yourself some hair, how cool is that??? 

…thing is, not all weaves look cool with everyone. It is good to want to look like you have long hair, but really at times cheap is expensive. I would say that one should go natural or do braids or something if weave makes you look like a clown. Don’t just try to copy paste some style you see in …what’s the name of this Naija movie…ahh! Have no idea!  Not a fun!…Copy pasting a Tyra Banks hairstyle. Hey, her weaves are way damn expensive and done by pros, if you know what I mean. Not some juakali place by someone who bought a weave that costs what… ksh200-300? Yea! I know all your pals tell you that you look good in your weaves. Hey just my opinion… don’t tear this part. Wait till I finish.

 If you REALLY want to look real good, try going natural ‘kiasi’. See how it works for you, I know someone will argue you were not born with clothes stapled on your body so how come you don’t walk natural then? Yea I know! But how about getting an expert to do your weaves for those who just have to try hard. Save a lil’ bit and get a nice weave and an expert who has a TOUCH of class for weaves. What is the point of wasting your money and putting something that makes you look like those Naija witch doctors?  Really girl?!? Let’s style up. Be smart with your weaves. Our news anchors rock with them weaves (not all though! That’s a story for another day). But am not a FASHIONISTA, or am I?

TOUCH of class!