WUUWUU Ningekua na weave ningeenda kwa mvua niing’olee apo juu ya the naivety  I see in chiqs …so anyway, I have heard a couple of rants from my friends their friends friends …and the list goes on, the way they(chiqs) have been dumped by their dudes au the way they have issues and they have already introduced the guy to their family and bla bla bla. so wassup with girls who marry themselves into their dudes families?? 

What happened to the old traditions whereby when people got into relationships they would wait for the right time(which was almost marriage) to introduce their boyfriends and girlfriends to their parents. Nowadays people date for what…three months..and decide they can introduce each other to their folks na ata bado hawajajuana sana, but anyway this is not my point my issue is with girls who MARRY THEMSELVES INTO THEIR BOYFRIENDS FAMILIES!!!! 

So we have dated and I(dude) decide to invite you over for lunch then it happens that either my mum or dad pops in or both of them just happen to tokelezea while we are having our meal and then introductions nini.. nini.. u know the drill..so now this particular chiq goes to her pals and is like “maze ata nilimeet maparo wake” then the friends go like “waa aki si anakupenda gosh ..hee si unafeel poa?” yea and crap like that!! so what the hell makes you think that the folks approve of you .See the thing with us chiqs nowadays is that we tense so much coz apparently wanasemanga machali ndio wengi mamanzi ni kiasi sana and I just wonder what the rush is for. Is the ratio men to women that bad?? Then if so why get yourselves into relationships which end up hurting you ati kwa sababu you have already been introduced to the family.. which brings me back to my point,  I know most of you girls will concur with me, once we get into relationships and the dudes introduce us to their families tunakuanga tumejiweka kwa ka nest fulani najubilee insurance” that covers our health or something like that, then when the dudes end up treating us like sijui what, for example always bailing on dates, or just never want to hang around us anymore we end up marrying ourselves into those families…hapo ndio unapata tudame tunaanza kukua frequent visitors to the families home, yaani kujipa shughuli kaa kuosha tuvyombo(which is not bad,-such humility lol) and at times sleep over there are ata chiqs who even move in to their boyfriends family homes YES!!! shamelessly…

See the thing about parents they always have that soft spot they wount lunja(fukuza) us from the diggz so we end up staying there.(some folks-ingekua kwetu boss mara that that couseling ingine mwenda sana kwanza ul regret why you moved in in the first place ) we feel so secure it’s like some “

Another thing is chiqs who just move in with their dudes ivo tu…am not against “cohabiting” but something dudes will never tell you is that at times we crowd their space but sisi since we feel that its the right time to move in “wifey” tuko hapo na tusuitcase twetu ready to move in…especially people in campus and chiqs who are 26-32 years(mind you am not against “cohabiting”) but chiqs we really forget what we really want to do with ourselves. Something else that really annoys me, kwanza saa hii ningekua na kale ka weave kanakuanga na ka fringe ningeenda kwa choo mbele ya kioo nikagongeshe hadi kang’oke is the fact that we really don’t care about our education. Get this am not against chiqs bila, rock on girl power, lakini what’s with chiqs who move in with their dudes alafu they forget that they have a life ,like continue pursuing their education..!!! 

I have seen chiqs who have differed classes juu ya hepi!! really!!! hepi in this case meaning marrying themselves into their boyfriends diggz na huyu chali ako busy anang’ang’ana na masomo,chiqs get this no man would want a lady who isn’t educated sio kwa ubaya!!!!! but its true ata kama amekuaccept ivo trust me a few years down the line you will end up looking like mama nani mwenye anauzanga nini pale ivo kwa corner!!

What am I saying we need to style up love ourselves and know what we really want in life!! Having a guy is awesome!! I would know that coz am single lol..if u get what i mean 🙂 but at least weigh your priorities learn to love yourself and trust me you won’t have to force your way into someone’s life. kwa wale nimekanyanga poleni…but like I said in this blog I accept criticism with utmost optism!!
PS am not perfect I have like a million issues too and I try my best to deal with them… 🙂