There is something that is so amazing about hawkers they see an opportunity and make the very best use out of it. When it comes to expensive looking things the prices are made so low and people tend to rush for them and purchase them. 

Same thing happens to our society, opinion hawkers, at times its so annoying, especially our politicians, they are so good at this.  When they attend functions: funerals, weddings, harambees, name them they make it all about themselves and tend to hawk their opinions on their career and actually sell their ideas to members of the public, the commodity (which is a promise to better their lives) seem so expensive but goes at a very cheap price and people end up purchasing via votes and support.

When I was in school, from primary to university I really used to hate last minute questions and opinions from ‘chopys’ in class, who always found a way to maneuver their opinions just when the lesson was about to end especially when I knew that I had a free period after that, and most of that time I was numbly trying to catch up with the light surrounding the classroom because my eyelids were busy begging for some more sleep that is after sleeping for like ¾ of the lesson, and the only time I had my concentration on point was when the teacher or lecturer was called outside of the classroom or had an ’important’ phone call  to receive. I hated these hawkers, fine I loved my education but I was a last minute learner and it worked out for me.

The thing that really irritated most was that the questions asked were questions regarding to a new topic that the teacher was to handle the next lesson, clearly trying to show other students how focused they are, ohhh it pissed me off!!! I always wondered whether it paid off. Another group of hawkers are those people while we are in meetings always tend to want to look like hot shots and well informed on current affairs and they always try to argue out their points you would think that we are in a parliamentary session. What annoys me most is that opinion hawkers always pick the wrong time to express their ‘wisdom ‘and ‘Intel’, just when people are about to break for some lunch or tea or even go home. They are everywhere in our society and in our day to day lives. Being an opinion hawker is not bad but I think people should really mind the timing. Am just saying 🙂