A while back I was the best counselor (relationship counselor), at least I thought so ha-ha. Something very funny about life is that you can never fit into anyone’s shoe unless you have been there and experienced the pain or the joy that that person has in his or her life. My life is full of love from family to friends but I really don’t know how it feels to be in love, maybe my fault or my prince charming is still a mould that God is shaping to get the best masterpiece…mm just a consolation.. J

Back to my point, so I have all this love surrounding me from friends, but the love they project to me is not the type of love that they experience in their lives, that’s where I get my so career I made for myself of being a counselor. Many of my girlfriends come to me for advise about know the drama that goes on and on in their lives with their boyfriends, and me being the counselor who gets her experience from watching so much western movies, I ‘help’ them by always trying to make them see that that’s not how a guy should treat a lady or that if there are any speculations of cheating they should totally hit the highway, hell there are so many frogs out there that can be turned to princes!
So something that really annoys me is that they always go back to the same drama and come back to the same counselor me..It made me sick, and I always did rant about them to our not mutual friends.

First rule of being a counselor, confidentiality, second rule a counselor should never give advise, decision should always come from the client at least that’s what  my undergraduate lecturer of counseling taught me…yes how ironical that I have bachelors degree in counseling and yet be the worst counselor…so where was I… yes, after ranting about my ‘clients’ drama, because they ceased being my friends the minutes I betrayed their  trust, I would go back to the drawing board and try to give the same advise, ‘hit the road’…this guy does not love you, he will treat you like trash and I would even try to bring my Sunday school’s note  you know the phrase ’my people perish because of lack of knowledge.’

So after some while when I get the feedback of them breaking up…Ohhh now there my counseling paid off, thinking that I have really helped someone out, and instead I have destroyed someone’s life. You know when I said that you have to fit into someone’s shoe to experience the emotions of  that particular person, yes it all happened to me…I would not want to bore you with my drama, but it was something very similar to what my ‘clients’ used to tell me, someone I had had a thing for eight years, distance being a barrier and so many other shenanigans, hurt me and first thing I ran to my friends and ended up being the client, the advise I got, walala I did not want to hear the ‘TRUTH’ so when I almost ‘hit the highway’ I sat back and remembered of all the things I used to tell my girlfriends that’s when I realized that communication was what I did not tell my ‘clients’ and from that moment I decided to communicate without making haste decisions that comprised of a lot of naivety and stupidity. Funny how it was easy to patch things up without having all this intervention from ‘counselor, friends.’ 

What am I trying to say, you have to fit in someone’s shoe to actually be in a position to share your counselor knowledge with them. It’s not bad to share our issues but everything should be done with utmost wisdom. I thank God my 2011 ended as an eye opener. And this phrase still works ‘my people perish because of lack of knowledge’ have a good one people.