In the beginning of every year, nearly every person on twitter and face book is updating of their new resolutions and how the new year would be the year for them to grab, how doors have supposedly opened for them, and how windows are being shut, you all know the updates that flood our walls, am not to be excused I too am a victim for that.  This notion made me wonder, does it mean that in the beginning of every year is when people actually realize that it is time for them to change their priorities. So what happens if we make it a routine to always have new/same resolutions every year,?
Something that amazes me about us human being is that, we are fast to jumping on making decisions even getting note books for our  ‘to do list’ activities. I get it the new year comes with all these ideologies of second chances which I will not differ with because ‘what good is it if we make mistakes learn from them but don’t get a chance to show that we have learnt from them’…however we all should be responsible for our actions and accept their consequences. So its still January, most of us want the best out of this year, they want 2012 to be the year that brings a difference to our lives, but what exactly are we doing about it? Updating our status, saying how we intend to change for the best… blah blah blah? 

Our priorities may be majorly misplaced and as much as we have our daily ‘’to do lists we might not know where exactly to fall or which is the right path for us to follow in trying to better our year and meet the resolution goals. First things first lets not be in a hurry to predict how our year will be, it is good to be optimistic, hey we posses what we confess but, lets try for a moment to keep our goals to ourselves, then let our goals be instilled inside us without parading them on social network, am sure most successful people did not announce their ‘pre mature ‘achievements. We tend to know of their success later when they have tirelessly, effortlessly and ‘silently’ worked to get to where they are. All talk is what bridges our success and our failures. Having resolutions is an awesome thing, just try find out what drives us, what motivates us into doing something. 

Many people are driven by a problem, a pressure, or a deadline. You may be driven by a painful memory, a haunting fear or an unconscious belief. There are a hundred of circumstances, values, and emotions that can drive your life. (Rick warren)

 Learn to love living a good life and living knowing that you can applaud yourself inwardly due to the fact that you have accomplished something. Have a good one people. J