I have always wanted to have a tattoo, reason? To look cool, …maybe…, since I don’t love to put cheap stuff that don’t last for long I decided not to have a tattoo because I knew I would have to get one that is permanent, so that story just went down the gutter. There are some things in life that we may think need a Kodak moment, but I came to realize that it is so easy to inscribe a tattoo in our minds, and have it live in our memory forever. Some things can not be erased, we may have pictures, letters or presents that always remind us of people who are special in our lives, but they may vanish or get destroyed, that is why I decided that this particular memory will be tattooed forever.
It was in 2004, I was beat, our basketball team had just been thrashed by some team, our coach was up in our throats demanding an explanation for our loss, some of my team mates had scattered in the field mingling with the opposite sex, you know how high school was. So here I was with my two friends depressed, looking like a hawker in town who had just been shoved into the back of a city council land rover having lost the dues for that day, strolling down the sunny school which hardly had any trees and this person walks straight to me, very handsome in deed, I was actually confused wondering why he would even talk to me, with the way I was looking I would not even have time to approach me!!!! From the time he began the conversation I had already drawn the maps of Kenya and Tanzania with all its bordering rivers and geographical scenery. I don’t remember actually saying anything to him what I recall the most was me blushing and laughing… *sigh* good times. That was the first time that my brain started to draw this tattoo in my memory.
Nine years down the line the tattoo just added more colour. It is really hard to let go the people we love in our lives especially if they loved us in our worst, and did not care what people said and just continued to pursue and make the friendship worthwhile. Nine years ago I was very naïve I did not even know how to dress, how girls should have a touch of class, how to groom myself, but it really did not matter to him. Then the inevitable happened miles had to separate us, our friendship did dim, but we always found a way to just torch it up a little bit. At times it got so complicated that we never spoke, then it did not hurt me as much because I was so full of life, having all this premature energy to always want to have fun, in all the wrong ways, that made me forget the special things in life.
Back in 2009 when distance brought us together again, the friendship was patched up though not mended completely, but it meant something to me, and I still could not understand why he still called me a friend because I had utterly forgotten what such friendship meant. That again went down the drain, but the friendship still remained. 2011 the year that I knew what friendship meant, distance decided to give me one last chance, *sniff sniff*.
To have a friend who sticks with you for nine years no matter the many miles in between, is a huge blessing, it’s a pity that I realized it too late. This particular year was the best in my life, I will not go into details about it, I don’t want to be sued with a viewer, oops reader’s discretion warning…if you know what I mean. It is so funny how we are clouded by self pity thinking that we don’t have people who care about us around us yet they are so close to our hearts. If I was in another lifetime I would still ask God to retain him as part of my new life, but fate works in weird ways, we can not control some things in this life, distance did it again and the next time the miles will shorten will be in like five years.
As much as it hurts I am content because I know the tattoo in my memory is permanent, that even in my death bed I will recall him as an awesome memory. You taught me that it is not enough to love someone when it’s easy, it is good to also love them when it is in the hard times. So this article is dedicated to you, for being an awesome friend, for loving me in my worst and in my best, for always teasing me, for being real with me whenever I made silly mistakes. A glass in my hand, with chilled ice top secret whiskey and I toast
If only I could insert a theme song for this article, like in the movies,’turururu…’
…Distance means nothing when someone means everything…