‘My sacrifice my commitment; I give it all to you,’ that is what we keep telling people who we term as our loved ones or just mere friends.  What is the most precious thing that you would give up for someone or for anyone who touched your life in any way? We all have that thing that we can give up for someone, but the thing that we human beings tend to be selfish with is time.

 I get it we all have things in life that need to be done in as much as we would want to sacrifice our time for other people it would actually collide with our ‘schedules’. In the recent past I have been thinking a lot about time sacrifice and commitment, how we have friends only during happy times, how no one commits during hard times, or better yet anything that’s not close to having a ‘good time’. Isn’t it funny how everyone seems all busy when you try to have them for some burial arrangement or maybe some committee to help come up with a harambee or a wedding, visit a children’s home or attend a two hour service in church, you know all those commitments that nag you, but every time we call up people for parties, raves, concerts, weddings they always show up in multitudes.

I came to realize that it is not because they do not want to help, in fact they would really love to help its only that they would not find it in them to sacrifice their time. You have to be in someone’s shoe to actually know how to explain a theory. I have been there and done that. There are a couple of times I have been called to assist in some serious functions like burials, or even see a friend off maybe to the airport, visit someone in the hospital or matters like that, and I have always found a reason not to attend such events, not because am busy, just because I don’t feel like sacrificing my time. I really value my time, whether am watching movies, singing or writing, I would have never sacrificed my time for whatever even if it was a party, as long as I was doing something I loved I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Am still learning more on commitment and sacrifice, something that really made me write this was an event that occurred a while back, a friend of mine passed away, he was a friend to many and people actually had a good laugh when he was around, but when he passed away everyone kept saying how they would make it to his burial and I was sure that people would actually turn up, considering he was the most famous guy in campus. On the day of the burial we were only like five mutual friends who schooled with him, am not trying to sound all committed and gold hearted if anything I was not to attend because I felt lazy and wanted to sit around and catch up the last episodes of ‘good wife’ but something in me triggered me to attend the burial not because I was the ‘bestest friend’ I just felt that I needed to learn to sacrifice my time. It saddened me because here is someone everyone on face book was writing how they would not miss their chance to say good bye, and yet only a few showed up.

People have commitments yes, and some schedules are unavoidable, it’s just that its so hard for man to sacrifice his time, easy to say it, but doing it is so hard. Am not trying to thrust a knife into anyone’s soul and try to make them choke on guilt but I think that sacrifice and commitment should not just be utters they should also be put into action.  You can pledge to help people financially, and not show up in events which is a good thing, you can send messages to show that you actually care, but I have come to learn that physical appearance matters and means a lot, again the thought counts but let’s try to spare time for those we claim to care about.J
Do unto others what you would want them to do to you. Am not perfect I just try to learn new things each day. Have a good one people!!