In the past recent days I have been ranting of how I wanted to quit my job, all my closest friends know how I even refused to go to work a couple of days, merely because I had not had my December due, and some administration matters that did not comply with what I signed for. I wrote to a couple of media houses continuously begging for jobs, am sure my resume is all over media and publishing houses in Kenya, (was actually planning to cross the borders and expand my search to east AfricaJ) all with the intention of getting out of my current work place, for a better place where I would find ‘challenging’ and of course up the cash in my bank.

We all have our reasons for wanting to have a better life, especially if everyone around us is living ‘the life’. As I was sitted listening to a certain preacher I came to realize that as much as I wanted to get a better job, what would my legacy be in my current work place? In as much as I had worked there for three years. Did I achieve goals? Would people say ‘well she was an awesome employee?’  All these thoughts kept running through my mind and I realized that most of us are usually in a gold rush to get better lives; yes I know who doesn’t want a good life? But very few want to work hard to get there; we tend to think that things will fall through. It got me thinking it does not matter how long you live in this world, it does not matter how famous we are, but what legacy do we live in this world when we die.

Methuselah was a person in the book of genesis who lived for 969 years, he is famous for having lived the longest in the history of the world, but when we go back to the bible to read his story we find out that there is not much talked about him, he lived and died, that’s it, no legacy.
Jesus lived for 30 years and now the largest population on humanity follows His doctrine, Martin Luther King jnr. lived for 39 years and his legacy and dreams came to be fulfilled in today’s American history, our very own Prof Wangari Mathai died at the age of 75 after having left her cause and initiative of fighting for the environment being known all over the world and winning a Nobel price for it, these are just but a few of the people in this world whom we can enumerate their characters from.

I have learnt one thing from all this, that the decisions we make in our lives determine our legacy, and those decisions matter on what motivates us. Another thing is understanding our life season, we all have seasons in our lives and those are the stages of life that we go through, whether as a student or someone working (it does not matter the type of work). A season is never reversed when it’s gone it’s gone. The quality of life is either improved or devalued and in whatever season we are in we should utilize it as though there will be no other opportunity, do whatever we do with all enthusiasm ,passion and excitement, knowing that we are doing all this for our own good.  Nothing comes easy.

For us to meet our goals in our season we should make the best use of the resources around us and the most valuable resource is TIME, it is free but very perishable, they say a minute wasted is never recovered. It is not a crime to waste time because we are all human but in my opinion if it is hard to manage time look for people who can add value to your life. Something else that hinders us from making a legacy is, not knowing ourselves. 

I remember when I cleared form 4, I did not perform according to the standards I expected, and my father was not so happy with me, at that time I was not sure on the course that I wanted to do and my father had to choose a course for me Bachelor of Education, I really did not care because all I wanted to do was to please him and get done with campus. While in campus I came to realize that teaching was not anywhere in my blood, I was more of a journalist I loved to write and gossip, and no story or rumor would pass me. It really demoralized me and when I cleared school and I could not land myself a job in media house, because my undergraduate certificate did not show that I did journalism. Luckily I got to exercise my skills in a production house without even attending a journalism class and I managed to  give my all since I had this yearn to learn a lot about media.

We all have strengths and weaknesses; no one under the sun is perfect. The first step to success I believe is realizing that we have weaknesses, by doing that we can weigh where our full potentials are and work on them. We all know the serenity prayer it guides me in a lot of things for those who don’t know it, here it is, ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’
J.F Kennedy once said ‘optimists see an opportunity in every danger while pessimists see danger in every opportunity.

‘We can not live a legacy if we do not embrace the value of hard work, which means going beyond what everyone else is doing or better yet outdoing our past glories. Let’s all try to live our lives to the fullest no matter the barriers and the difficulties, we got only one life to live, live every second as if it is your last, have a good one people. J