Don’t you just hate it when everything else is going back to normal for everyone else and your life feels crippled because of amassed fair amount of debts that you accumulate? That’s me this year, battling and gambling with myself on how to trim down my January budget so as to clear my debt. 

I had promised myself to change but this December holiday was different I had to tag along with all my peers for a coast road trip, missing it would be committing social suicide at least that is what I told myself. As I stared into space reminiscing my agony I realized that most people are like me, borrowing money and promising to pay in due time. 

Getting out of a debt and staying out of it is not easy. What we all debtors have in common is we seem to have misplaced priorities. Humans want to prove that their hard work pays and spend so much to showcase that it all comes to fruition; otherwise there is no point of working. Having the void of stupidity in my brain filled with financial intelligence, I have decided to set goals that will help me avoid such situations. 
 I am now crouched at the corner of my room, twirling my hair nervously, rehearsing convincing sentiments that I would tell my creditors. I inch towards panic anytime my paranoia shows that my ‘kabambe’ has vibrated, and the only way to ease all this is to come up with a strategy, maybe get some money from relatives and pay my debt!! Oh no!! There I go again, throwing myself back into the same ditch, but this time I will change!! I need to go to look for a ‘Debtors Anonymous’, if there is one in Kenya, there should be one!!