My acne had now become such a bother that I hardly looked up whenever people said hi to me. I decided that I would put an end to it once and for all. I was now thinking of how I would get substantial information on skin treatment and do away with my ‘skin specialist friends’. I always had this urge to look like this superstars we see in Hollywood movies like ‘Kyla Prat’ yes I know I dream way too much but hey that was my goal. I had never visited Mombasa house where all ‘super cosmetics’ were readily available and I was now planning to visit it and see what the ‘specialists’ had to offer. 

I was excited because no one had ever complained of that place and it was all praise about the products no matter how bad your skin was there was always a cure for it. I was not familiar with the place but since my courtesy had improved through the days I knew that the soldiers I see in most stores  on the streets would definitely assist me. On that particular day I was so excited, knowing that in a few weeks I would resemble be a Kenyan version of Jessica Alba.  I walked with my head raised high trying to even perfect my catwalk which I knew would be my new walking style since I would be a mega diva. I had already made a shopping list of dresses I would go buy in ‘ngara’ and shoes to match with them; I had to dress my look or so I thought.
Getting to Mombasa house was not hard with the assistance of the courteous watchmen in most streets. I was shocked to find very many stalls with many women rushing to my assistance, and the interesting thing about all this was that once they saw me they would instantly know my skin type, this really made me feel good about myself. I had all these stalls to choose on where to buy the beauty products. As I was in this world of thought I felt a hand on my shoulder

‘Madam habari. Naona ukona oily skin,kuna mafuta nikonayo kwanza inaeza toa hizo pimples zote!! Kam apa kwa shop yangu nikuonyeshe,’
‘Eh! umejua aje nikona oily skin? Na ujue staki kitu itafanya nikue mbrown si unaona vile me nimblack ? staki kukaa bleached!’ I replied as I followed her.
‘Hiyo isikujalishe,kwanza watu wengi kitu hawajui ni products nyingi huku zinaeza kubleach,lakini vile nimeangalia skin yako,wewe unafaa kitu haitakuharibu,coz skin yako inakaa sensitive.” She said as we entered her shop which also had like three other ladies inside who I realized were customers.
She picked some cream from a top shelf and handed it to me with a look of concern and care on her face, ‘Hii inaitwa ‘clear essence’,itakusaidia sana,ebu ata soma zile ingredients ikonazo.”

I took the bottle of cream and read the instructions and ingredients,and she was right it was well coated with positive information.  ‘CLEAR ESSENCE,THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR,FOR SMOOTH EVEN TONED COMPLEXION, formulated for people with color, contains sunscreen to help prevent darkening from reoccurring, contains warm and comforting benefits of camphor as well as glycerin and other rich, moisturizing ingredients to soothe, nourish, soften and protect the skin’
That alone satisfied me. I could feel it in my guts, I knew that I would look so beautiful and not ‘insist’ on using make up.

‘Na ni poa,nifungie!Ni pesa ngapi?’
‘Mia Mbili tu,’

Her reply automatically put a wide smile across my face, this is it, I thought, cheap and worth it, what could be better than this. She even gave me her phone number just in case I needed any assistance. I bought the cream and walked back to the 44 stage ready to get home. Once I got home I was so excited that I decided to take a cold shower so that I could start using the cream.

Every time I applied the cream I felt my face improving and people in my neighborhood told me of how my face had changed for the better, some even told me that I was becoming ‘lighter’ in a good way.
As days went by, something funny started to happen, I used to get this irritation on my skin, and would always tend to scratch my face, due to this my face started to develop some really huge pimples that on one particular afternoon I was meeting with a guy friend of mine and his first question was,

‘Ai corrie kwani it’s the time of the month? Maze hizo pimples ni biggie lakini usijali zitadie tu,anyway sema!’

I felt as though I could throw myself in front if a speeding car. I decided to call the number of that lady who sold me the cream, but every time I tried to call it did not go through. It was as if the phone was always off. My skin went from bad to worse. My Jessica Alba dream was just a fantasy. Was I a victim of a hoax?
As much as my skin has peeled and resembled that of a person infected with chicken pox, I have decided not to give up hope, I hear that water helps, so I try to drink almost ten glasses of water everyday with a lot of discipline. 

All hope is not lost I now drown myself in beauty magazines to get concrete facts on how to deal with my acne. Am still motivated to appear on a front page beauty magazine, yes I am. Until I get a perfect solution am now stuck with what my mother brought me up using VALON.