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Some of us know him for his awesome photography work, others remember him as the Ignitaz dancer many years ago, others can’t forget him for his amazing smile that he always has 24/7, but Ben kiruthi has a lot to bring to the table, his career and social life, an amazing personality he has that most of us admire. Check out his interview and maybe get inspired by his amazing history.
Tell me a little bit about your back ground, where you grew up and what you aspired to be as a kid?
My name is Ben Kiruthi, I was born almost 29 years ago to a lovely Ugandan mother and Kenyan father. I was told I was born in Aga khan hospital (since I was not there to attest to the fact-SMILING). I am the last born in a family of three. I have two elder siblings Brian (30) and Sheila (32). I was born and raised in Thika road a place called Maziwa. I was raised in a Christian family shown and guided in the fear of the Lord from a very tender age. Unfortunately both my parents passed on in 1999 as a result of HIV/AIDS complications.When I was growing up ,at some point I wanted to be a pilot, there was a very popular ad then running on national TV about some kid who grew up to become a pilot, and that influenced me a lot. In my high school years, my dreams got jumbled up when I realized that I had very little love for geography… then my dream changed and I decided I would become anything else in life apart from flying planes.

                          What about your education back ground?
From my earliest memories and baby pictures too, I remember starting my earliest education in Thika Road Christian School. From baby class all the way to upper pre-unit (smiling)I then changed schools to hospital hill from standard 1 to 4, and was later transferred to a boarding school by my loving parents (oh the horror) for a year or so this was Musa Gitau primary school in Kikuyu, I went back to Hospital hill where I completed my primary school. In high school I went to Moi Forces Academy (MFA) and thereafter I was called to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology where I did a thoroughly long six year degree (thanks to all those silly strikes) in Electronics and Computer Engineering. I worked a bit in a smart card company then signed up for an MBA in Entrepreneurship which I cleared in 2010.
             You are an amazing photographer, what inspired you to venture into photography after studying something totally different.
Well thank you a lot, I have never thought of myself as amazing, only a growing and learning artist. Well after I was done with my MBA, I was sick and tired of employment. At that particular time I was working for one of the leading telecommunication companies in Kenya as a network engineer, but I wanted more. So I sat down and wondered what I could do as a small start-up business for myself. Then, I had a passion for taking photos; my Nokia phone was my ideal camera. Soon one of my friends who happened to be an established photographer asked me whether I would consider doing it professionally. From there on I was hooked and that is what I have been doing ever since. (Smiling)

Do you think talent counts in this line of work?
Well to be sincere I don’t think it really does count. As I was starting off, I had no idea what I was doing, I only had passion, and passion alone is what separates a professional from a field of ‘wanna-bees’.
For me the talent should not hinder anyone from doing what they want to do, as long as they love what they are doing then they will be a success no matter what!!

                 Do you think education is a necessity in our current society and if so what about those children who are not in a position to attain formal education, what is your advice to them?
Very wonderful question, I saw some quote doing rounds in the internet that said ‘your result slip does not determine your pay slip’ to a large extent this quote is absolutely true. I would say that the far I have come has had very little to do with my formal education. I am a trained computer engineer, earning a living out of photography (smiling). So for me education is just a means to an end, not an end in itself but with or without a formal education background, anyone can make it. You only have to believe in yourself and believe that you have what it takes. A wonderful example is the late great Njenga Karume, who rose from illiteracy to one of the richest business moguls in Africa. Anything is possible if you just believe.

                How did you get to have your name out there as a renowned photographer?
Well very very easy, consistency. I kept doing what I did for a long time. When I first began almost two years ago, I used to take a lot of pictures and put them up on my face book account. I did that repeatedly over and over again, until everybody noticed. Slowly by slowly I started getting inboxes, texts and emails asking me how much I charged for my shoots. I continued uploading many pictures and a year later I began my own blog, www.benkiruthi.comand that really helped my small business in so many wonderful ways. Lastly it’s all about God. He is the secret behind my awesome images. He gives them an icing and makes me look good. (Smiling)

                 Tell me a little bit about the pieces of work you have done.
For so long a bulk of what I did had been wedding photography, but apart from that I have been honored to work with Coca Cola, Fashion 2die4, Strut it afrika, Chat awards, Groove awards, pregnant magazine, pulse magazine. I have had the opportunity to work with artistes such as Avril, Juliani, Alice Kamande, P-Unit…and many other wonderful people. Am so honored and humbled.

Young people shun the idea of being opportunists in a world full of talent. What is your advice to them, on seizing opportunities?
That is a very timely question. In this wonderful world that God has gifted us with, there are lots of opportunities everywhere. Young people should just be willing to sit, think and find a way out. Someone once told me that there is more than enough money out there, you only have to be willing to open your eyes and see. And yes, money will be available more easily and much more frequently.

Other than photography is there anything else that you do as a hobby or to earn some income?
Photography is my sole source of income, other than that I am a youth leader at my local church, so if I am not behind a camera you will find me somewhere working for my Lord. I also do a lot of motivation speaking at functions, schools and churches, since I have a passion to make young people excel in whatever field of work they choose to venture in. lastly I am a full time fiancée to the wonderful Gathoni Mwathi, and that is my full time job that I so love very much (smiling)

How can people get to contact you if they need you to do some photography for them?
Facebook- ben kiruthi
Facebook page- ben kiruthi photography
Twitter- @benkiruthi
LinkedIn- Ben kiruthi
Email –benkiruthi@gmail.com

Three words to sum up what you have achieved so far?

PS/ the pics you see, are just part of his work, there is alot to see…just follow the above links