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When I grow up I want to be a…’ This is a phrase that most of our teachers used to make us repeat over and over, maybe to try help us have a vision of what we aspired to be. Most of us, as grown up as we are have taken this phrase way into our current lives, we still use it, even after studying for years and maybe falling into different careers we still find that our priorities are misplaced.
Ever met with this type of people who keep telling you of their plans, their life ‘to do list’, their entrepreneurship aspirations etc? I have met such people, don’t get me wrong I know it is never too late to dream of being the best, but for how long will we keep crusading our dreams and yet we do not do anything about it.
 Do you remember those people in your lives who had awesome talents, maybe in sports, singing, writing, acting, accounting, name them, but when you take a look at their lives now, they are no where close to their talents and maybe are wallowing in their current careers, maybe just because they did not have self drive to motivate themselves into a career where their talents suited them, and ended up venturing into careers that to the society are termed ‘prestigious’?
What annoys me about these type of people is that they always want to please those around them by being placed in a somewhat ‘higher cadre’ in the society, just because of their career, but inside they wish that they would have ventured into what their heart desires. George burns quoted ‘I’d rather be a failure in something that I love than a success in something that I hate.’
In this life we live in I have come to realize that the most successful people are those who follow their dreams, no matter the hustle it takes to get them there no matter the number of years it takes them. I have come to learn that such people have purpose in their lives, meaning that they know the reason of their being.

We all have visions but we tend to forget that our visions are not just about us but for a whole generation. What good is it if we achieve a lot in this life and end up taking it to the grave? ‘Speaking professionals’ is what most of us are made up of, we are so quick to jump into calculating and parading our ‘visions’ but do nothing about it. ‘I want to be a writer but I hate reading’-I mean the capacity of reasoning that is cropping is that of ignorance, someone once said that ‘if ignorance was a disease what color would your skin be?’

First things first, yes you have made bad choices in what to study or even career wise but hey just like Mary Pickford quotes ‘The past can not be changed but future is yet in your power’ hence I believe in second chances. How about trimming the ‘speaking professional’ in your life and do something about it, for example doing away with ignorance. Something I have learnt about great achievers in this world is that, great people pursue great people; they take risks and make sacrifices. Pastor James Wanyonyi from house of bread once challenged a congregation by asking ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’ now I push that challenge to you.
Knowledge is power, whether you get it through reading, watching or mingling with people of great inspiration. By possessing knowledge we tend to have great thoughts and believe me you, people are measured by the depth of their thoughts, because we rule our minds which in turn lead to our actions. 
Let us all stop defining our future by utter if mere words, ‘vitisho baridi’ to the people around us, trying to seem all focused, do something about what you want to be, second chances are there for a reason, work on your success without announcing it to everyone let people see the fruits of your labor while you enjoy them.
To ensure you become successful is not only a good idea, it is a must you want to become successful. It
 takes persistence, determination, hard work and cultivating new positive habits and the outcome of this
effort will ensure absolute success. KILL THE SPEAKING PROFFESIONAL IN YOUR LIFE!!