She is determined, focused and aggressive, a beautiful lady who will strive to be the best in all fields. Rachel does not believe in negative energy, in fact from what i have learn’t she goes beyond it and pushes on. An amazing person, check this out and be inspired

Before I get into anything serious, I remember you as a basketball captain, you still play ball?

I still love basketball and I do play it once in a while for fun and excercise. I’m an NBA junkie though and even though I live in LA, my team is The Miami Heat. Being the basketball captain in High School tought me a lot of important lessons about life and leadership at a young age that I still carry with me today.

. Tell me a little bit about Rachel

I’m a simple Kenyan girl driven by big dreams and ambition. I think that’s it in a nut shell

. Your smile got you into media scenes, how was it for you?

Actually, it wasn’t really my smile… People think it is because that year, the theme for the Miss Universe Kenya Pageant was “The Smile of Africa”. It was just a title/ tag line for the pageant that year. I didn’t just smile and win a pageant and a million Kenya Shillings! That would be too good to be true. There was a lot of work involved and over 1000 girls competed for the title country wide over a span of months until I won in the final. It was tough and I had no prior pageant or modeling experience but I guess it was meant to be… It opened a lot of dooors for me and was a great stepping stone to bigger things.

 You left Kenya for the states, to study work, what triggered the move?

I wanted more for myself career wise. I wanted to further my skills as a TV host and a journalist. With success comes power and I have some issues that I hold very dear to heart that I would love to help change in Kenya like the plight of people living with disabilities and ending hunger caused by droughts through helping device some kind of irrigation system that provides a year round supply of water to the subsistence farmers in dry parts of the country and more.

 Could you please detail out for me a little bit about your education background.
I hold an Associates degree in Business Information Technology from Strathmore University Kenya, and I am almost graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Classic Literature from the California State university. I plan to pursue a Masters degree in Business afterwards.

. Rachel a lot of girls here in Kenya want to be models and most beauty pageants are flocked with aspiring models, what does it take to make it in this career?

It takes a lot of commitment and self confidence. I worked very hard to win the Miss Universe Kenya Pageant. I was in my last semester at Strathmore and though it was my most hectic one, I made sure I balanced that with with work outs and other preparations for the pageant. It was such a hustle that some of my professors suggested I take a break and come back but I wasn’t having it. There were very early mornings (4:30 am work outs then school) and some late nights spent in school finishing projects, not forgetting that I’m still my mother’s daughter so I had my chores at home like cooking dinner in the weekdays, etc that I had to endure but it was worth it. I didn’t want one part fo my life to be lacking because of the other. I graduated a few months after winning the pageant on schedule with my class. One has to be well rounded in all aspects of his/ her life. I represented my country on a worldwide platform and that is not a task to be taken lightly. When out there, you are the face of Kenya. You have to know everything about your country, the rest of the world, current affairs worldwide and generally be the kind of person you would like to see carry the flag of your country. It is not all glamour and high heels. One must also carry herself well and be able and ready to speak publicly on many issues as well as have a plan to better her environment. One must also be well versed with etiquette. I had to go through rigorous etiquette training. You must be able to dine with a poor villager as well as be able to know which fork is for what at a stately banquet with dignitaries the world over. I feel that pageants are a great way to build a young lady’s self esteem and prepare her for the rest of her life if done the right way. I’m afraid that a lot of girls may think it’s all easy but there’s a lot that goes into it. That’s for the pageant part. Modeling takes a lot of self discipline as well. There’s a strict size chart and it can be very tasking, especially if internationally. One has to have a good head on her shoulders. Modeling is one of the shortest careers. You have to be the kind of person who uses that experience as a stepping to the next great chapter in your life.

 You are a reporter and have your own show, ‘Africans abroad’, which I commend you for, big up girl, but how did you get into the media scene in States, I mean here in Kenya it is a major hustle to get into mainstream media ,but you are doing it big in the states what’s the secret?

There’s really no secret. My motto is “You only fail if you do not try” and so I go for my dreams. There’s no were where it’s written that a simple Kenyan girl can not mingle among the greats of media anywhere in the world. I figured, why can’t that be me? It is not simple at all but if others can follow their dreams then so can I and so can you. The biggest challenge is the fear of failure and many people let that hold them back. That fear never really goes away to be honest but one has to champion through it. There will also be people who try to tear you down for daring to follow your dreams but you have to turn a deaf ear to that, be confident in your decision to not settle for the norm and go for it.

 How did you come up with Africans Abroad and are there any other projects you are doing?
I came up with the idea because I realized tat there was a link missing between Africans living abroad and those in the motherland. We are still Africans and I thought it would be a great way to bring all Africans the world over together, even if for just a few minutes.

 This I am just curious, I have seen you on the red carpet, and you are amazing, are you ever planning on linking your work there with the media here in Kenya?

You ever plan on coming back home?

 Well, I always visit Kenya regularly but my ideal situation would be to be bi- coastal; live between Kenya and the US as well. I definitely have plan to and I’m already working on linking my work here with back home. Inshallah, it will go well. You’ll have to wait and see

 Three words to sum up what you have achieved.
That’s tough… Three words would be a “WORK IN PROGRESS” . The more I achieve, the more the bar keeps getting pushed higher.