A talented, handsome young guy, who will cross all borders to be the best, he believes in himself, he has worked with the best of the best in our society, Steve is self motivated his self drive will get you thinking, and at the same time challenge you. a make up artist with a passion, amazing amazing, check out Steve’s interview and be inspired

  Koby, your real name or is it your love for the Lakers player, Kobe?

Not really, my name is Steve. Koby came up in high school when i used to play basketball, a close pal of mine started calling me that and with time i owned it and changed it from Kobe to Koby who is also my favourite basketballer.

 What was your dream career as a kid?

When i was a kid i wanted to be either a Chef or work in the beauty industry probably as a hair dresser because i loved both cooking and making my mums hair, i never pictured myself sitting behind a desk working an eight to five job. My dad was against these so even after clearing high school i didn’t know what i was going to take up.

3.   So a make up artist, a pro at it, how did you get into this line of work?

After 2 years in the insurance industry where i worked as a trained underwriter i quit my job to get into an online movie rental business where i got fired after 3 months…….heheh, i realised i was wasting time doing stuff that i didn’t love so after a month of soul searching i decided to follow my dream and joined a beauty school where i took up beauty therapy as a course since it had more skills. I got hooked on massage and make-up and since i had an arty background i chose the latter because it reminded me of my drawing days, after 4 months in beauty school i met Suzie Wokabi of Suziebeauty who trained me afresh on the at of make-up and she also gave me the exposure i needed.

    Being a dude in this field, where many would think it was a woman’s world, are there any challenges you encountered as you ventured into it?

I wouldn’t say i did but everywhere i went ladies were surprised to see a guy doing make-up which made them curious and i ended up impressing them even more, now they literally line up for me to work on their faces.

 I have seen a couple of media personalities you have worked with, and I commend you for that, kindly detail out for me the various types of work you have done- functions, personalities 

My break came when i started doing make-up for TrueLove magazine in October 2010 where i worked on personalities like; MP. Racael Shebesh, Muthoni Wanyeki of the human rights commission, Bidanya Barasa among others. At the same time i was doing TPF4 where i was doing make-up for the contestants and Sheila Mwanyigah whom i also worked with in other projects last year.
I met Wahu in a shoot my colleague and i were working on for Safaricom live and she loved my work and in December 2010 i worked on here music video ‘Better Days’ and another one which was shot last year ‘Still a liar’. I February 2011 i flew with her to Turkey to do a commercial(Rexona) where i was the make-up artist.
I’ve worked with Wyre and JB on their song ‘Mwanake’, Kaz on her latest video yet to be released, Camp Mulla on their latest video also yet to be released, Pinky Ghelani, Alcott clothing line on all their print publications, Joey Muthengi, Susan Wong and Janice all of Cpital fm, Olivia Otieno to name a few.
I’ve also done shows like Samantha Bridal, African Fashion Fair, Nairobi Fashion Market, AFAD, Kiko Romeo and Fashion High Tea.

   There has been a progression in your career, what does it take to be the best?

Being the best isn’t too hard, all you got to have is Passion for your work, consistency in what you do, work smart and be humble.

.    Koby, other than being a make up artist, what else do you do for fun or part of a career hustle?

 I still play basketball from time to time, hang out with friends watching soccer and dancing salsa during the weekends.

   What new projects are you working on, and what should we be watching out for?

 Currently am doing make-up on the presenters of Mashariki Mix; Sarah Hassan (Tanya) and Nic Wangondu (bigbrother) which runs on M-net.

My immediate plan is to run this industry and leave a mark, Koby is the next big thing……watch out.

   If anyone wants their make up done, or if they have a function say a wedding, how can they  get to contact you?

My contacts are; Mobile no.- +254 723 154 160
                         Email-      steve.kobby@gmail.com

.  Three words to sum up what you have achieved.
Put God First