A down to earth guy who is progressively changing the music scene in Kenya. a musician who gives credits to those around him and mostly to God. a talented performer who will keep you dancing and mesmerized. an actor whom you will always want to catch in our local television programs ,humor like no other. Anto is a focused guy, following his dreams no matter the challenges… be inspired.

Antoneosoul, who is anto?

Anto is a loving, caring Brother. A hardworking, selfless, talented, blessed Kenyan with a great passion for music and everything that emanates from it and the greatest friend you can get.

    Music and acting, you are an amazing performer in the two arts, how do you do it?

Not to sound vain, I have to give credit to God who has given me everything and allowed me to be surrounded by people who believe in my talent and are therefore always looking out for me and ensuring I grow in what I do. That said, support from people around me has allowed me to be a part of many productions and thus grow in honing my skills. I believe that practice makes perfect and slowly I am headed there…
I think remaining humble (which is hard) is key and once I realize where I am coming from and the fact that keeping my feet on the ground only makes me a more pleasurable person and this my friend is key to receiving blessings

       Tell me about Paragasha, how did you come up with it? Any challenges you experienced while you geared to make it known to the society?

Paragasha nights was an idea we coined with my management team and we did so so we could avoid the “dry months” when we had to wait for a phone call or we had to go and pitch to get a show and figured “why not do a show where people come to watch us?” and that was when Paragasha was born with an aim of also supporting lesser known acts to play on a stage with a full band and full crowd watching them.

Challenges are many and especially for a company like ours Paragasha because you can remain as a start up for such along time and at the beginning we had so many costs to cover that we had to literally dig into our school funds, salaries and savings but now thanks to building a brand and getting our work and word out there, other people are footing our bills and with lots of shows, we can make ends meet.

       In MTV Shuga, you are this funny guy who breaks the ice between this world of passion and greed, how did you land into that role?

The role of Kennedy the Remedy is that of a humorous side kick and after I had been informed of auditions, I tried my hand in them and after rigorous auditions I was called one day and told I had gotten the part. It wasn’t easy as these short sentences though.

       I believe you are an achiever and heading places, there are many young guys who look up to you, but my worry has always been, in the music scene, there is still that lack of talent, and some young people use it as a side hustle, (which is not bad) but end up jamming our media with poor quality music, what is your advice to upcoming artistes? 

Upcoming artistes need to know what they want to be remembered for.  I was sitted in an office with a great famous Kenyan man who asked me what I would like people to remember when I leave stage and eventually when I died………a few years back I would have said , “great voice, swag, dramatic…” but now I know the answer and that is speaking to their souls…..once I realized I could answer that question I found out I had found my voice and so should the upcoming artistes who should find their voice, be themselves and know that if they come into the industry just for fame and fortune then they would rather rob a bank

      Anto tell me something about your stand in young people attaining education, most of us think that in the entertainment industry education is not such a major thing…

Education is very important. Education allows you to view the world differently and objectively and when handling business you become more eloquent and aware of your surroundings. Also, with an education you can pursue another career if it doesn’t entirely work out in music or acting.

I study Broadcast Journalism at University of Nairobi and in my fourth year. Don’t JOKE bwana

       Other than acting is there anything else you do on the side?

I have sacrificed a day job so I can stick to music and acting and other than charity work, I also do business development for film companies – helping them get film work etal

       What is it that people don’t know about Anto?

What you see is what you get…just don’t rub me the wrong way….you will get what you hadn’t seen

       What does it take to build a name for your self as a performer in the acting and music scene?

Greatly, networking………… I have met great people because I chose to be at a particular function and introduced myself to those people who then referred me, gave me an opportunity and through that built a network of influential people and after some years, I joined their ranks as influential.

Also, being real. Being Anto. I have no apologies for who I am and I make it clear to people that when you choose to use what God has given you and utilize it not so you can be famous or you can amass wealth but so you can fulfill your destiny and purpose only then will you find yourself at the feet of Kings and Princes, Queens and Princesses.
Humility……… You can’t say too much about humility. It is what it is. Remain humble

.   Three words to sum up what you have achieved.

Humility. Soul. Purpose