Handsome, intelligent and a hard worker, he is not scared to speak his mind, very determined to be the best, believes that he has a lot more to do, you’d be surprised but Fareed Khimani gives credit to education, and just like Winston Churchill defined leadership, Fareed believes in going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.
be inspired…

Who is fareed?

What is your child hood background? 

well i grew up in the uk and the states…but every summer was spent in nanyuki with my grandparents…they used to own the ‘sportsmans arms‘ hotel in nanyuki…it was such an amazing way to grow up…

 A radio host, an actor,a television host, how do you manage all these? 

i love them all and because im not human…i am comprised of 90 percent artificial organs and also i sold my soul to the devil…

Kindly tell me alittle bit about your education back ground

education came with the job…i have a degree yes, and a post graduate yes, but truth be told, my best education came from failing over and over and over again…

 Fareed many young people in Kenya want to venture into media but there is the ideology that you have to know someone so as to get into mainstream media,no matter your qualifications, what is your take on this? 

not true at all…i mean i love to hear from aspiring radio/tv personalities and guys whow want to work in production…contact me anytime at fareed@nusu-nusu.net to chat….

  Do you think Education is a major priority in this field of media, or is it that if you have the voice and face for it, then you can rock on and make it big in meida?

again, education is extremely important…but you will find that most guys working in this industry, worldwide, did not study this particular area…

 So between the three, acting, being a radio and television host , which one is it that you love most?

  i just love all of them…i learn something new pretty much everyday…doing drama with mnet’s “Changes” was great, mainly because I have never done drama before, so that was amazing to see how drama is produced and to work with such a fabulous team…

. Other than acting and being a Tv/Radio personality, is there anything else you do on the side? 

 yes, I am a director in a fair trade/eco friendly sandal company called “Maasai Treads” check em out www.maasaitreads.com.  We bought the company about 2 years ago.

 What dont people know about Fareed?

i looove to cook…i am anal about work…i cannot leave things un-finished and one day i want to work for The BBC.

 Three words to sum up what you have achieved

not enough yet!

Fareed Diamond Khimani
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