Drama Drama Drama!! Drama festivals were the in thing in high school, I mean all the cool kids were in drama club, I really wanted to join drama club, yes I had been in a couple of drama acts but that was when I was a child, back in Marion, I had never acted since then. Getting to high school was a major opportunity for me to join drama, and what I loved about St. Francis girls Mang’u was that, drama was very much valued, what I did not know was that there were always auditions but hey what could be so hard about the auditions if the senior students were the judges?

 Many form 1 students were all excited about the auditions, I kept seeing some of them dancing, you know getting to sync the moves and some of the new hit raga songs. Back then I was not well acquitted to raga music, I did not know how to dance but I knew that I would hack it once they told me to do a skit or maybe sing, easy stuff, piece of cake, I would always tell myself.

I left all the practice to the amateurs; I believed that a true actor had it in them, no practice needed. My mother would always tell me that I had it in me to venture into a lot of things; she always believed that I was a ‘mjuaji’, she had even nicknamed me ‘mjua’. At first I hated that name, it was of an insult to me, don’t ask me why, but as I grew up I realized that I was always the one who had the very first bit of a gossip, I would always be the one to clarify a rumor, whether it was true or not, always the first to prank people, I mean a cartoonist!! Anyway back to the auditions.

So the fateful evening reached, amazing night, many students were all gathered in the dinning hall, there was music, and excitement could be felt everywhere. The senior students had all grabbed the front row seats, most of them had come to oil each other’s hair, others had junk with them, you would think we were gathered for some premier of a hit Hollywood movie. I knew most of the form 3 and 4 students were there to mock the form 1’s because it was the form ones who were entertaining everyone. The elimination part and also laughing at the dumb form 1’s was what excited people.

I was so excited because I knew that I would astonish the crowd with my amazing voice. The auditions started at a low note with some of the form 1’s giving very boring presentations, sijui poems, some boring skits, I mean where did this form 1’s come from. People kept booing them to force them off the stage, and I would laugh my ass off, their auditions were just so comical, shady and to say the least awesomely boring.
My turn came and we were like four form 1’s on stage.

Time ya kudance imefika,’ the MC announced.

I could not believe my ears, I was a poor dancer, no I was no poor dancer, I was NO dancer at all!!! The rest of the girls were excited and kept smiling at each other, like bring it on!! I felt as though I could freeze. I really prayed that they played some gospel music because I did not know any other type of music. All over sudden the crowd went wild as they heard the song which up to today I will never forget, ‘FIESTA by R-Kelly’ only that this was the raga version!!

The rest of the girls were shaking their booties and their waists, how the hell did they know how to do that!! It all looked so wrong I mean, I only saw this in the American music videos whenever I scrolled for channels in the television. I stood rooted on the stage for a few seconds, then my mothers words echoed in my mind ‘mjua’. I then decided to enumerate what I used to see on ‘telli’ ‘dirty dance’, just for the auditions. I began to dance, and everyone began applauding and shouting, I knew it was me, I ‘katikad the chini kwa chini’ style, at times even facing my back to the crowd as I showed off my moods. I could hear people laughing and shouting I knew they were applauding at me.

I removed my sweater and copied the rest of the girls on stage by tying it on my waist, I could feel the music curve its way through into my bones, amazing, I was so jazzed that I would even turn look at the crowd and signal them to see my remarkable moves. Then the music stopped, everyone was shouting, the whole place was noisy, I was sure that our auditions had brought life to the hall.

‘haya sasa tutado ivi, contestants you will all turn around and then the crowd will choose who will go to the next round.  This is how we will do it, I will point at a contestant, and if the crowd likes you, the crowd will scream for you, and if the crowd boos that will mean that you are out, sawa?’ the MC said

Everyone agreed and just like my assumptions, I went on to the next round and the next too. Then we were just two of us on the stage competing against each other. This time round I unleashed some break dance moves I had seen in a couple of videos. The crowd would cheer and go wild every time I broke a move, I mean I was that good, at least I told my self that.  The moment of truth finally came; one of us was to join the drama club.

We were now facing the crowd and everyone was laughing, and some could not even stand, I wondered what the fuss was all about, that’s when everybody kept shouting that I dance again, the MC could not hold herself, and she too was laughing. That’s when my wisdom crept in, every one wanted me to dance because apparently I was dancing wayyyy too funny, and it was really amusing a lot of people. Then a group of the students started booing me, and throwing plastic bottles of juice at me on the stage. Was I that bad???
The MC then declared the winner, ‘corrie unaeza shuka am sorry you can not make it in the drama club, good try though’ the students roared in laughter, gosh am sure they were harming their mucus lining in their stomachs, because some were holding their stomachs, they could not hold themselves. ‘A Chris rock moment’

Jeez how was I expected to face everyone else in school, the rest of the form 1’s had already labeled me ‘kimbelembele!!’ that particular term was crazy for me, because in every event people would always call out my name to volunteer to dance. I thank God it all ended, but I swore to be a pro at dancing, maybe I am ha-ha!!

Me and my circus life, me being me!!!