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I thirst for success; I want to cut across all borders to be the best of the best in this world of writing. Dreaming and thinking big is a start, the desire to work on your goals should be the top on your to do list. 

I have been thinking a lot about how each and every human being has his/her way of hustling, so as to make ends meet. Along Moi avenue as you walk past the 23,Westlands stage, there is usually a man who sits outside the shops that sells jewellery, this man really inspires me, he looks very old, maybe in his mid 50’s,but the man is always busy making spoilt wrist watches. I have used that route a couple of times and each time I see him, an overwhelming sadness envelopes me. Yes I know some of you will argue that it does not matter which hustle one is in, and I would not disagree with that but what makes me so sad, is the fact that in as much as he gets some income from it, how much would it be to meet all his needs? Doesn’t he have children to help him, isn’t he too old to be doing an odd job like this, isn’t it frustrating for him to always sit there while people pass him looking at him with pitiful eyes? 

All these thoughts rushed through my mind, each time with a new pile and trail of emotions. I have seen a couple of old people in the streets on Nairobi, trying their best to make ends meet, a while back as I was in  Matatu heading to town, I saw a very old woman, maybe in her late 70’s or early 80’s, she was very short and appeared to be very weak, she was just closing her business ‘selling vegetables’ and was slowly placing on her back a big basket ‘kikapu’that weighed her head to one side, on her hand was a big heavy paper bag, I shed a tear because the site was so emotional for me, I mean wouldn’t anyone have helped her. I hate seeing old people struggle, I love to see them resting I mean for how long with they work? But all this got me thinking, wanting the best for our loved ones and for ourselves drives us to do whatever necessary to make ends meet.

I really yearn for success and I would stop at nothing to be the best. As I was starting this blog I had no idea that I would get a wide base of readers, but as time went by and new ideas cropped in I realized that people were actually taking time to read it and share it, that for me meant a lot, but still not enough. See I don’t want to have to let my parents struggle for me when they become old, I mean they already did enough in getting loans to pay fees for me and provide basic needs, and hey I also want an awesome life, who doesn’t? 

I give a lot of gratitude for the people who use their various abilities to be the best in the society and also share it, that is why I started the achievers column, I felt that there was need to share people’s stories with the rest of the world so that others who are struggling with their goals may be inspired.

 We all thirst for success, others thirst for fame and popularity, whatever your goal and dream is follow it, don’t just pray about it and wait for some miracle to happen.  You can never acquire success overnight, but you could always trawl your network of friends and acquaintances to help you do it, at the same time knowing what you want is an essential starting point for making a change. It’s only once that you have a goal that you can shift the gear and start moving towards it.

Last year (2011) I had jumbled dreams, I longed to be the best in what I did, I had already signed up to join a basketball team, I bought a guitar, I recorded a song with one of the best producers in the country, but all these things I did without a vision. I have a passion for basketball, I love watching and playing it, but playing basketball was not what they say was ‘my calling’, singing is a passion I have but as I went to record the song, I had no idea what I wanted and I remember the producer kept asking ‘What is it that you want from this, what is it that you want people to get from your music?’ I did not have an answer to that, all I knew was that I wanted to record a song, and always say that I have recorded a song. I bought a guitar because I have a passion for acoustic music and hoped that one day I would be performing in ‘open mics’ with my guitar. All these dreams I had, lacked focus and purpose. The song I did, the vocals were pathetic, the producer did an amazing job with the quality of sound, beats, instruments, but I just had to be a let down by croaking my way through the whole song. I did no practice, because I was in a hurry to say that I did an awesome afro jam with one of the best producers.
Everyone imagines that their life would magically change if they could only get what they want. Dreamers are visionaries, they are lateral thinkers and original, the course of action they follow is one that they have thought for themselves, on the other hand stalkers make through life by closely observing what others do. They want to work out where they fit in by learning the language and custom of others. They are good at mapmaking, interpreting analyzing and managing, dreamers may blunder along the way of inspiring others. 

Lesley Garner quotes ‘dreamers are great at ‘what if’ while stalkers are excellent at ‘how and why’. If asked I would love to be a combination of the two, because when it comes to making change we need both elements in our personality and thinking. We need to dream because no change was made without imagination, and we need to stalk because no action was made without information.

In our quest for success there will always be moments when we will fail and get discouraged. At times when I go to interview people on the achiever’s column I am a little scared because I tend to have a feeling that people will brand me as someone who is really trying too hard, but then again I remember this words, it does not matter how stupid you look, if you are in the journey to make the best out of yourself so rock on. Once you understand how creativity works you understand that there is no such thing as mistake. 

 I can not publish a best selling book overnight, I can not be the best editor over night, neither can I be the next ‘Whispers’ in a span of twenty four hours but I can set myself the goal of writing 1000 words a day, and share my work ,so that I can get feed back.

Let us not leave our loved ones grow old and weary still trying to cater for our well being, let us edit our lives and uproot ourselves from just being dreamers without a purpose, to being self driven people working tirelessly to be the best. If you have a good education use it, if you have talent use it, don’t just stalk because you see the glory of a particular career in someone else. Hey Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Your Good fortune is the inevitable result of the energy you create when intent and effort meet (Lesley Garner)