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Talented would not even be the best term to use when describing her. its like her life is a train on a subway, rushing to reach its destination, but carefully serviced and driven. Lupita is a go getter, she stops at nothing, trying out everything so as to learn whats best ,and be the best, fun and loving is what she is, check out her amazing story of her road to success…be inspired
I must say that you are very talented… when did you start acting?

I started acting for my family when I was about five years old. But it became a real hobby and an ambition to be a professional actor in high school when I got to do Romeo and Juliet at Phoenix Players.

What about your education background?

I was at Loreto Convent Msongari until Std. 6 and then I moved to Rusinga School where I did my O-levels. After this I moved to Mexico for a little over half a year to learn Spanish at CEPE (Centro de Ensenanza Para Extranjeros). Then I went back to Kenya where I did IB at St. Mary’s School Nairobi (One of the BEST times of my life!), after which I moved to the US to do my Undergraduate degree at Hampshire College and now my Masters at Yale University.

Lupita you are an amazing actor, what’s the secret? i mean if i went back to kindergarten and my teacher asked me what i wanted to be, i would hurriedly say, i want to be like Lupita…secret?

Ha! Thank you for the compliment. The secret wouldn’t be a secret if I told you, now would it? 😉 Anyway, I think loving what I do goes a long way. When you do what you love and you are in your element, I think it gives you a glow that other people can feel and benefit from.

 Tell me a little bit about ‘Winter’s tale’, you seem excited about it?


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I am VERY excited about The Winter’s Tale. It is my first professional gig in the American Theater for one thing, and it is with an award-winning director, Liz Diamond, whom I admire, and a cast that is a constant source of inspiration. The play is also one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, which I studied in high school – it was actually the set book for literature that I discussed in my final exam (I got a B!). I am playing PERDITA, the long lost daughter of the king of Sicilia, Leontes, who is banishes his daughter at birth because of his suspicions that his wife has been unfaithful with his best friend and king of Bohemia, Polixenes. Perdita is raised by a shepherd, and, unaware of her royal lineage, she falls in love with the Bohemian Prince Florizel. Drama ensues… The play leaps from darkest tragedy to lighthearted romance and a truly magical conclusion. Check out the website:

.So you direct too? Tell me how is that for you?

Directing is HARD WORK and FUN! I am new to the directing fiction but it was amazing to be a part of making SHUGA LSM come to life. I found that my training as an actor really helped me in the casting process and also in communicating with the actors to get them on the same page with our vision. Working with Teboho Mahlatsi, the director of both SHUGAs was an invaluable experience!

Shuga 2 we did not see much of Ayira what happened?

Ayira moved to Mombasa. It was felt that the lessons Ayira’s story taught in the first season were best learned as they were. The point of SHUGA is not just to conclude who has the virus and who doesn’t, and in so doing cast judgement on the characters; the aim is to illustrate and spark conversation about the potential risk we put ourselves in when we make certain sexual choices. So, I think we all learn more from wondering what happened to Ayira than knowing for certain. It also gives us the opportunity to continue those story-lines in SHUGA series to come… if indeed there is to be more…

Kindly detail out for me all the productions you have worked on, as a director

SHUGA LSM and IN MY GENES, my documentary about albinism.

Other than acting and directing what else do you?

I eat, I sleep, I ride my bike, I dance, I work out, I party, I cry a lot, I laugh a lot, I call home, I procrastinate, I type, I dream, I meditate and most importantly, I love. 🙂

Lupita I know there are many young people who want to venture into this career of acting, what would be your advise to them?

Same advice I was once given: Don’t act because you want to be famous – the industry is brutal, unpredictable and unreliable; act because you have to, because there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing. And if you choose to be an actor, strive to be honest and not just interesting: acting is truthfully believing in imaginary circumstances (as Sanford Meisner put it).

What is it that people don’t know about you?

I love being at home.

You seem to have your whole life centered in the performing acts, am curious what do you do for fun?

My job is my fun. But when I’m not having fun at work, I love to cook, to do things that challenge my body, and of course I love to hang out with my friends and family.

What should we expect from you in the future, new project?

I graduate in May and only God knows what awaits me on the other side, but stay tuned as there are things in the works…

Three words to sum up what you have achieved so far

Risk. Breath. Presence.