Beautiful, soft spoken and aggressive. she keeps us guessing about whats happening in her life. you would be surprised how down to earth this diva is. Avril Nyambura is just starting, but in a speed that is taking the media with a bang, her challenges as she climbs up the ladder is what motivates her. check out her interview, be inspired.

Avril Nyambura , a diva, you are making it big in the entertainment scene, what is your secret?

Wow thank you. There is no secret per say just the cliche working hard and smart and keeping God first in all that I do. It also really helps to have a dedicated and hardworking team (Ogopa Deejays) behind me.
 Growing up what was your dream career?
You wouldn’t believe this but I wanted to be a scientist or doctor or something in the medical field. I actually remember when filling out my high school entry forms, under dream careers I filled out surgeon/pediatrician. 
Tell me a little bit about your education background
I was born and raised in Nakuru so for my nursery and primary school I attended Lions Nursery and Primary school. I later joined Moi Forces Academy Lanet in Nakuru for the first two years of my secondary school but later joined St. Joseph’s Girls Nsambya in Kampala in Uganda where I cleared my O’ and A’ levels. I joined the School of Art and Design at the University after my high school and graduated with a degree in Product Design.

SHUGA SHUGA, you nailed it, no one would have played that part better than you, how did you land that role?
Thank you :-). I like to say that I stumbled into acting because that is exactly what happened. When the directors and producers of Shuga Love Sex Money were doing their research for the film, I happen to be one of the people who was interviewed. When they came back to cast for the different roles I was requested to audition and I landed the role. of Miss B’Have. I was very humbled to have been part of the very strong messaging that was put across.
  Was it hard acting the love scenes?
Acting out the love scenes was a bit uncomfortable at first but having Nick Mutuma as my partner made it a bit easier since he had a positive vibe and energy. It was a pleasure to work with him.
 Now that you have stemmed your career in the art scene- music and acting, what do we expect from you, will we be seeing you in the acting scene more often.
Music is definitely my first love and I am into anything that helps me grow as Avril. I do not know whether I will venture into acting but in case I come across an interesting acting project I would not mind being part of it.
Many people want to cut across all hustle and get to where you are, with no stepping stones, there must be hustles, at least I believe so, what are the challenges you encountered as you geared to be who you are now?
I think challenges that someone goes through define a person. If you come out of them stronger then you define yourself as a strong person who looks at a situation and embraces the lessons. I have gone through a whole of stuff starting from where to get the money to create a personal brand, to acceptance and finally having to experience the maliciousness of human beings. All I would like to say is that I take everything that I go through as necessary for my growth.
What advise would you give to those who thirst for fame and popularity through music and acting?
Wow that should be last thing on your mind when you venture into the entertainment industry. Fame and popularity come but there are other many things that one goes through that are more inspiring and more fulfilling that keep one doing what they do in the industry.
 I love your new song ‘Kitu Kimoja’ its different, the vocals are amazing, people can relate to it, what was your inspiration behind this song?
Thank you. This song was inspired by my producer. He challenged me to write a love song that had a twist to it. That twist had to come from explaining to people what my understanding of love is. We have become so superficial in this generation (i’d like to think). Love has always been about what does my boyfriend or girlfriend see when he or she looks at me but what happens when you meet someone who cannot see the prettiness and still loves with all his/her heart. How to express that was my challenge which I found fascinating.
 Other than singing what do you do on the side, for fun?
I enjoy the occasional swim and catch a movie with a friend(s) but when I get some me time I really prefer being in the house and just chilling with a movie or a book.
 Where do you see yourself  in 5 years time?
That’s all in God’s hands but I would really love to be an even a greater inspiration to young people in Kenya/Africa who look at being successful in whatever they do. I’m working on a couple of projects dear to me that should be underway soon. So watch this space.

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