It’s cool to have successful friends surround you, people to always challenge you and show you that success is not just something you stumble upon. Well am blessed to have such friends and over the last few days I have come to learn a lot about its fulcrum, success.
I sit back and ask myself why the rich and successful hardly climb down that ladder, why the most renowned achievers still remain the ones that headline our media. Working with what you have is what it is. An achiever and a good friend of mine advised me that people who work with what they have at a particular moment are the ones who maintain their cadre.
I kept stressing myself with success, how I had piled up a lot of things to do, all at a go, and most of the time I came to realize what I was looking so hard for, was just there with me. It might sound so plain and simple saying out these words, but ‘working with what you have’ is a remedy to what some of us would term as a breakthrough to success. We as human beings get so greedy to top and outshine everyone else and at times, blind our path to failure.
When I got a job, yes I was happy but at the same time sad because all my closest friends got amazing jobs, we could not compare our pay slips, I mean how could I even hung out with them. Not to say that am better off now no! I am still realizing that the secret was working with what was available for them, and utilizing it, I on the other hand was busy trying to prove that I could get out of that job, forgetting that I had not even put an effort in working with what I already had, and try to be the best at it.
 See after climbing that success ladder, we get to branch to other things and do them part time, but that is mostly after we have focused on where we are best at, and working with what we have. Julian Cameron in her column, ‘The Artist way’ defines fulcrum of change-people can write out of one life to another, but this only comes with knowing how creative we can get with utilizing what we have.
I have many friends who call themselves hustlers, and in Kenya we all know that hustling basically means having deals working here and there, nothing specific in any field. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against ‘hustlers’ I am one too, but what most of us forget is that, we can never live our whole lives trying to ‘unganisha’ deals, trying to get someone to hook us up so that we can have another deal go through. All this is business and there are people who are best at it, but we forget that that’s not where every success rotates around. Am sure each and every person has a strong point he or she can focus on, fulcrums and levers are everywhere, you just have to admit that you want to change and commit yourself to something, the rest will fall into place, no matter how long it takes, if you do it good, then you will not have to wait for so long.
In the world we live in most of the media personalities are raisin in this ladder of success, maybe because of the fame they get, but mostly because they stick to one thing, or better yet work with what is available for them, it might be three different careers, maybe a an actor, a writer and a radio host all this being one person…yes we jungle all of them together but that is if they are at your reach and you can work with them.
Commitment in all this comes with treating something as a demarcation and ritual…reinvent yourself,  do what you love, move in the direction that draws you. Do something because you really want to. Your passions can become useful to you in surprising ways.
Don’t forget that when you are old and self-reinventing yourself, you have so much material to work with, and while young self reinvention comes with life not defining you too sharply.

LESLEY GARNER: what lies behind every successful self-reinvention is the act of giving value to everything you have done