Redefining the model world and giving it a new phase, cultivating new attitude and uniqueness is what Rnaze is doing. There is keenness to detail in all the work he does. NO! he is not stopping there,his thirst to fill up the gap that is there in the industry is growing, Moses is striving to cut across all challenges, and be the best. watch out for this guy, he is the next big thing in this industry… be inspired

What does Mukiibi mean????

  That is a very good question. I will ask my Paps and let you know next time, haha.

ha-ha, Tell me a little bit about your back ground

  Well, Was born in Uganda. Year? Lets leave that alone.
Was raised mostly abroad. Hoping from country to country since my Paps has been Ambassador for as long as I can remember.
Then, in 2009, after finishing my A level exams,  I decided to settle down in Kenya. I didn’t like it at first, but I have grown to love it. Currently still in U.S.I.U.

I have quite a few siblings. 3 brothers and 3 sisters.
Here I go! Don’t get lost.
I have 1 Half Italian brother. 2 Half Russian brothers. 1 half Russian Sister. 1 Half Swiss Sister. And lastly, 1 Half Kenyan sister.
Are you lost yet??!
Yes, I know. It sounds like the United Nations. I love the way it is. My family is so diverse, I can barely keep track of all the different languages, haha.

  Knowledge is security, that’s my belief, what is your take on education, especially amongst the youth?

 Knowledge is security. It is also the purest form of power.
Personally, I think education is very important. However, I question the education system we have in East Africa, especially Uganda.
It is designed to keep the youth in school for so long, bombarding them with information they won’t even use.
I think education is only effective if someone is studying what they want to pursue. Be it photography, medicine, accounting, business, art, etc.
And the sooner they start on that, the better.

  You were Mr. Usiu, and with that comes a lot of responsibilities, how did you manage to balance all that, with school work?

I am sorry. I had to laugh because a lot of people think being Mr.USIU comes with responsibilities.
Sadly, it doesn’t. I was shocked as well. When I won, I was simply forgotten by the institution. There is nothing they give us or call us for. And I blame mainly the student council for this.
Look at the Mr.USIU before me, and the one after me. Do you even know them? My point exactly.
Everything I have done, everything I have become, had nothing to do with being Mr.USIU. I made it happen myself. No one helped me.
However, I am not saying the contest is worthless. Not at all. It gives a platform to those who win to do something with their victory and new-found fame. But if they are lacking in creativity and drive, well, that is where it begins and ends for them.

  You are the CEO of strut it Afrika, what is it all about?
 Well, that is a very general question. I wish you had narrowed it down.
Basically, Strut It Afrika is mainly a Model management firm.

We have a caring and responsible attitude to the health and welfare of all our models and help guide and shape their long-term careers. We take the time to know all of them individually. Consequently, our highly experienced bookers can make positive recommendations based on sound, in-depth knowledge of the models and their capabilities.Strut It Afrika offers a complete solution to any client looking to stage a show, from the initial concepts to end result.
We always deliver exactly what is required to make a show dynamic, exciting, and unique, be it straight designer catwalk show, a dream bridal showcase or an innovative product launch.
Our goal is to be seen as the model management firm by which others are measured – in the standards of personal service and support we offer to clients and models alike.
In addition to Production and supply of Models, we also offer services regarding to shoots.
Models and fashion designers alike choose Strut It Afrika because of our interactive photoshoots, state-of-the-art equipment, and, of course, our ridiculous attention to detail.

Combined with our Stylists, Make-up artists and our retouching and special effects team, your Strut It Afrika fashion shoot is sure to blow your own mind.

  Strut it Afrika is capturing the attention of the media and is rising creating a wide audience base, what does it take to come up with such an idea?
  Not being satisfied with the status-quo.
We believed we could make things better. We believed we could bring something to this Industry that no one has seen or done before. That is our source of energy, our drive. Seeing the gap in this Industry and striving to fill it up.

  Any challenges?
Of course, we have a lot of challenges. This Industry is still a jungle. But we will cut our way through eventually.

  Who do you work with
Yes, I work with mainly;
– Malaika Nnyanzi
– Rishard Rashid
– Kay Bochaberry
– And Mwende Mbae

The modeling world seized to be a playing field for the female gender, in your opinion what is the future for male models?
 Sadly, it doesn’t matter where you go, there is always more demand for female models than male models.
That is why, to become a succesful male model, you have to really have what it takes. In terms of physic most especially.

  What do you do for fun?

  I used to play a lot of basket ball before I became so busy.
Now, well, a good movie here and there and a little partying should do the trick. Plus, I simply LOVE traveling.

  Other than strut it Afrika, what other projects are you working on?
My real estate business in Uganda.

  What is your advice for the guys who want to venture into modeling?

  My advise is know what you are getting yourself into. Runway Modeling? Glamor? Commercial? Or?

1- Check if you have the qualities. If you want an honest answer, ask a good agent who is not just looking to make some money off you through joining fees.
2- If you know you have what it takes, search for a good agency that will nurture your talent and help you grow and market you.
3- Give it your all! This is the key to success, no matter what your profession is.

  Three words to sum up what you have achieved
        Praise The Lord.                                                                            

                                                                                                                           eskado bird shoot     

check out some of the pics, with different models of ‘Strut It Afrika’


 euphoria strut it shoot

                                             eskado bird shoot 2


                                                                                               urban street glamor

 wild glamor

                                                        wild glamor


                                                       euphoria strut it shoot

 unrefined homeless