…Part 2
What is with this entire shenanigan ‘GEMA and KAMATUSA????What is with all this drama-prayer rallies????? What is wrong with us Kenyans??? ‘HATUCHOKI???’
Whenever I get the chance to watch television, especially news, I feel saddened by some of the sentiments made by our so learned politicians, talking like people who have just jetted from a ‘Baraza’ of ‘wanaume’ back in the early 20’s. When I was in primary my G.H.C teacher Mr. Oluoch always made sure that we learnt about the biographies of our political leaders and more so their education background, how it mesmerized me to be associated with such leaders. Now that am all grown I watch the television and listen to their speeches and I wonder, was my teacher lying to me, because I can not see where the knowledge of all the  degrees, masters and a ‘million’ PhD’s went to. I mean this people make speeches as though they are talking to a bunch of stones that were created by God for purposes of tribal issues. What is wrong with you politicians?
I was following up the GEMA cultural association whose mandate is… an organization committed to working towards a united Kenya by promoting understanding and cooperation among Kenyan people. GEMA is also focused towards exploring ways of ensuring the realization of the Unity of Members, to liberate on issues affecting WELFARE and to ensure harmonious CO-EXISTENCE with their BROTHERS and SISTERS all over the country. Don’t get me wrong this is an awesome initiative, I mean this is what our country needs, but am confused, CO-EXISTENCE between who?? Which BROTHERS and SISTERS? 
From the knowledge that I have I know GEMA comprises of Gikuyu Embu and Meru  , so am just wondering are the brothers and sisters those from these tribes, and is the liberation of issues affecting the WELFARE only for the so tribes in GEMA? Or does this mean that GEMA represents all tribes in Kenya but the three tribes will be the MAIN tribes? Am tempted to say that if GEMA represents all the tribes in Kenya this would mean that GEMA is no different from the HUTU who dominated the entire Rwanda, maybe my research is still shallow but in my opinion I think this is a huge FLOP and a major GEAR towards a country divided due to ethnic ideologies. We are 42 tribes who represents the other tribes? Oh wait we have KAMATUSA this represents four tribes. So we have four more tribes represented, it all totals to 7 tribes represented by two …is it movements alliances or what???
All this is tribal but we as Kenyans are ‘darlingly’ embracing the associations. I commend an initiative being done by Ekodyda a local gospel musician who  is busy on the road doing shows to sensitize people against tribalism, but am sad because as much as I want to be an optimist here we are having the most ‘POWERFUL’ people in the leadership championing to make tribal associations, getting all the media attention they want, poisoning the minds of the naïve into following their ideologies, and on the other hand we have this musician who suffered directly from the post election violence due to tribal differences, trying all his best to capture the attention of Kenyans into doing away with tribal differences. Be the judge, between the two who gets the most attention. Am sure some of you did not even know of the initiative, who to blame??
Our pastors, jeez, am not to judge but am thinking that all this charade should be taken for competition at the drama festivals, I mean should you always parade the Ocampo four in the prayer rallies, what notion is bring painted in Kenyans minds?  What are the prayers about, ‘God forgive this people’, ‘God help their lawyers,’ ‘God please work a miracle so that we can have a local tribunal?’ Am thinking if I was one of the accused Ocampo 4 during those prayer rallies, I would tell the pastors to spare me today with his prayers and take time to remember those who are internally displaced and also give hope for the families who lost their loved ones, I mean prayers do work, that’s the whole point as to why Ocampo 4 are busy running to the pastors. Food for thought, next time in the rallies remember the ones who suffered directly in the PEV. One more things as you pray in your rallies make sure to complete your prayers with ‘Lord May Your Will Be Done’.
The irony of us Kenyans is, we -most of us want people such as AL-BASHIR captured for what happened in Darfur, others are tirelessly praying for Felisha Kabuga to be arrested for the Rwandan genocide, especially after we watch ‘hotel Rwanda’ we forget about what happened here in Kenya, we are putting all our energy in being lawyers for the Ocampo 4, yes innocent till proven guilty, let is stay that way, what happens if they are found guilty, what happens if they are all innocent? With these questions in mind lets be real, why the hell would we want to vote for people who have pending cases in the ICC being accused of crimes against Humanity? Is it me who is not being a patriot or is it that I am so much of a blonde that I am so AGAINST all this soap opera?
I call it a soap opera because we are all luvy-duvy with this crap of putting such people in power, innocent or guilty they have cases to answer, ‘siwatulie kiasi hadi cases zi die alafu ndio waendelee kucampaign for the next general elections’. The PEV did not affect me directly but I saw what it did to Kenyans, hence my sentiments. One thing I love about  ICC, it is never moved by all this clamor, it is blind justice unhampered by stature of the accused , just like Eric Wainaina quotes.
See Kenyan citizens are like the blood diamonds of Sierra Leone, living in a ‘free’ country somewhat like Free town capital of Sierra Leone where civilians were killed because of diamonds which they mined day and night, but instead all credit went to Liberia so that enslavement could continue in Sierra Leone, a war that was funded to go on all this because of greed. Yes we are like the blood diamonds, we tirelessly parade and hawk our opinions in political matters, we eagerly vote to keep people of our ethnic group in power, and retaliate whenever we feel another party has different opinions from ours, we kill each other, we steal from each other (rigging in elections), we fabricate issues so that our opinions can remain the crème de la crème of every opinion, that’s us Kenyans, we are diamonds, we can change this country big time , but we are busy shedding blood of others, so that whoever we favor stay in power Blood diamonds never helped  anyone, oh they did, but not the citizens of Sierra Leone, they in fact did not know what to do with the diamonds, since they were busy crossing the border to ensure that it crossed to Liberia. They loved the whole idea of enslaving their own; their military soldiers loved the power and the attention they got from foreigners. They loved the little money they got, they had no idea how worth the diamonds were when they got to London. Stupid, Naïve and greedy is what they were, fill in the blanks do you think you are like this soldiers, as a Kenyan ie?
We have so much power but hey we are busy fighting for opinions and bloody ideologies that don’t help us!!!
Kenyans wake up, I wish we could get a leader with a difference, but hey all this is in My Opinion.
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