You long for change and even spend months, years researching, wheeling and dealing, final happiness depends greatly on paying attention to the change brought out. Just like love stories especially the ones that stream our media, there is always the bad person trying to ensure that a ‘meant to be’ couple never gets the peace and the happy ending they deserve, that my friend is what politics is all about. We fight for independence so that we are at liberty to lead a life free of oppression and dictatorship. 
Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is one who longed for change, he actively participated in the war that deposed Idi Amin and ending his rule in 1979 and subsequently led to the end of Milton Obote’s regime in 1985, and in 1986 he became the president of Uganda, who has immensely brought change economically to the country, and a notable stability in the sector is vivid considering the country had endured a long period of government mismanagement and civil wars. I have never been to Uganda, and I do not want to crucify my opinions in ‘MY TIME’ because am sure someone somewhere is saying ‘you have not been to Uganda and seen what we are going through’ so I tell you this, that was just an economic opinion, my opinion. Back to my point.
So Museveni brought lost love back to Uganda, and did away with the barriers that hindered the independent romance amongst its people. A country of people with ‘free will’ to live and express themselves. However the relationship did not last long and a major break up began between Museveni and the people of Uganda. He started being labeled as a dictator, maybe because he did not want to share the fruits of presidency with opposition, and that seat has been his for 26 years.  Charles Onyango Obbo a writer with the East African put it in the best way ever ‘MUSEVENI IS TRAPPED IN HIS PRESIDENCY’. 
There is a major struggle for power to overthrow Museveni but the wrangles seem like an end in itself, rather than a means to end his reign for the public good. Museveni’s critics, some who were once close to him, claim that He (Museveni) is an arrogant and at times ruthless ruler who has silenced political opponents to stay in power for this long. This is clearly seen with the case of Mr. Besigye and Turinawe Ingrid who heads the women’s league for the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). They are just but examples of people who have suffered the wrath of trying to oppose and ‘embarrass‘ Museveni in public.
But here comes 29 year old Gerald Karuhanga, a youthful MP who was three years old when Museveni tied the knot with Uganda’s throne of presidency, a very determined guy whose vision is to stand for presidency come 2016, with intent to block Museveni from vying for the presidential seat for another ‘millionth‘ term. See everyone else who attempted to overthrow Museveni or showed signs of wanting to divorce him from his precious seat suffered highly, but Karuhanga with all his energy of trying to push the old man with a hat out of his love seat, has not received any negative energy from Museveni. Joachim Buwembo a knight International fellow for development journalism insists that it is an age thing, and Karuhanga needs not fear that anything adverse will be done to him for pulling Museveni’s beard, he goes ahead and quotes ‘…it is an age thing; Museveni sees ‘the Besigyes’like bad sons but looks upon Karuhanga as a naughty grandchild’ ‘so if you want to annoy Museveni you better do it when in your early 30’s. Don’t wait till you’re 40’.
Legacy he had it; a long time ago, but now being trapped in that seat brings no legacy to his title as head of the family. Since 1997 many claim that he  has been involved in the systematic destabilization of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the resultant horrific civil war. Human rights watch documented his involvement ,fueled political and ethnic strife in Eastern Congo with disastrous consequences for the local population which included stirring violence ,murdering civilians and ‘laying waste their villages’
People’s Media in Uganda headlines articles by calling Museveni the African Genocide machine. Museveni’s reign is that of greed: A legacy of greed. Benjamin Disraeli quoted ‘the legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example .’ I do hope Uganda gets their lost love back , and the need for an independent nation, a nation of people with the free will to express themselves and a leader who will not oppress and just like J. Wooden puts it, a leader whose main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team and in Uganda’s case, the opposition