Just the other day Tanzania woke up to the reshuffling of cabinet and sacking of ‘naughty’ ministers by President Jakaya Kikwete. Now that is something in my opinion Kenya would not wake up to… I mean the parliament passing a vote of no confidence to their own prime minister who would not do anything to sanction the ‘naughty’ ministers. This to me is like watching an episode of 24 where president Palmer would not hesitate to do away with such culprits, a man who corruption was a vocabulary in White House, anyway that’s only in the movies, but when I keenly followed the story of Tanzania it got me thinking, hmmm there are sane presidents in this world… hoping that Kikwete will follow up on their arrest and prosecution…that’s Tanzania back to my country, Kenya.
I remember after Post Election violence when our president and the prime minister formed a coalition, we all let out a sigh of relief because that for starters would be an end to a war that took many lives of Kenyans and displaced many from their homes. Then there was the new constitution which was embraced with extraordinary fan fare and enthusiasm, a fresh start it was. The Yes No tag of war was one that would change the history of our country by a mile stone, change is what we needed to see, and a time to rest was our craving indeed. Now all that emotional energy has been back dated to an era we all united to do away with, the Moi era. The alliance attrition of the grand coalition that merged to be against KANU was a glory moment for each of us, even to those who did not understand what was happening, but the avalanche of change could be felt in the country, a sense of hope.
Now I am sited glued watching at all these politicians who were once best friends in one ‘chama’, all campaign to be presidents with awesome slogans to catch the attention of me, the youth in different ‘chamas’ all in the name of pioneering for change in my country. There is something different about this year’s election, they are all targeting the youth, but no presidential aspirant can come out of that cocoon dubbed ‘personality and change’ to tell me what they can do to change the country. Manifesto’s and awesome speeches is what is trailing along with the huge sums of money budgeted to exhort my mind into thinking that ,that is what makes a good president ‘BURE KABISA’! I would love to see a Kikwete, not that he is the best president in Africa, no but because he did something, no matter his intentions he did something.
How about a government that would do away with matters such as commissions of inquiry to solve cases using tax payers money, a government that will not let me go scorch under the sun listening to some speeches portraying the likes of Martin Luther King jnr. and Obama (lack of originality), and instead try to tell me how it will create job opportunities for me. A government that will not have its representatives steal money that belongs to the development of constituencies ( CDF), how about a government that accedes to the demands and cries of the masses, a government that will consider that internally displaced families, and try to relocate them to a better place, there are so many things that this politicians can include in their manifesto. 
There is something about us Kenyans, we are too greedy, easy money works for us, I was looking at all the attention given in the TNA launch and how our musicians who at times claim to fight for the rights of Kenyans suck up to parade themselves to an ‘I believe ‘ concert or is it campaign, all for easy money. Then wait for three four months down the line they will be busy ranting how our politicians don’t help us as Kenyans, pathetic.  If that is the trend of greed then I think all this ‘pang’ang’a of democracy is just a by the way, because it is enough that our politicians are failing us, our celebrities who should be riding behind the slogan ‘madaraka’ greedily anchor for fast money all in the name of support!!! One word ‘vigeugeu’. But I must say this, I am proud of most Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) who indeed I came to find out are not bought by big words… in my opinion KOT can bring change to this country, if you are not on twitter and you think you can stem out of your world to help in building this platform that can try bring change to Kenya, then join it, social media is becoming a powerful tool in Kenya and more so are the KOT, yes that is my opinion.
Our politics are very funny , there is always a fall out every five years among our politicians moving from one party to another, capital investing of our naïve minds, which are caught up thinking that all this charade is for the benefit of the ‘mwananchi’, the tales of a happy ending is what we are trapped in, I am saddened. 
L.N Muthoni Wanyeki columnist of the East African quoted ‘The democracy we fought for has turned out to be an ideal rather than a reality’. This is what I say to you ‘Democracies are about majorities they are fairer than dictatorships by a mile, but in democracies politicians may win power even when the rest of the country is against them. It is possible to live in a democracy and not be heard… that is Kenya for you.’
I want to see a presidential candidate who will bring something new to the table, not sugar coat every thing with awesome speeches and well decorated manifestos, no someone real… am patient and until I see one, I don’t believe in all this crap swamping our media, storing lies and fake hopes to me, the ‘kawaida’ citizen, do I benefit from this people…?
Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods — H.L. Mencken