A friend of mine updated on his face book status “National days were invented by the governments so that politicians can recycle old unfulfilled lies while civil servants look important doing nothing.” At first I laughed but as I watched the Madaraka day celebrations in Nyayo stadium that statement vividly fit in the context of the whole fan fare. As we celebrated the 49 years of self rule in Kenya, I realized that the only people who were free were the infamous political elite.
I keenly listened to the president’s speech, and what I heard was not new, what I did not hear was what affected us as Kenyans. Whatever happened to ‘HARAMBEE’- coming together of all Kenyans in a spirit of brotherhood and unity? My country is built on well decorated manifestos and speeches and promises that in a scale of 10, 8 are yet to be fulfilled.  We live in a perfectly wonderful hospitable climate full of lies and corruption.
In his speech the president emphasized on road safety issues, health issues, increment of money for the irrigation schemes, quality access to education etc, I got lost in between the well written paper with well articulated English. Quality access to education: the moment I heard that is wondered, could this people just a little bit hide their arrogance, I mean the whole week teachers have been claiming to strike because the education funds for the second term have not yet been released, but no my president did not mention it anywhere. He continued to emphasize on financial institutions to develop products that target to create jobs for us, the young people, he even went ahead to congratulate us for how innovative we have become in being entrepreneurs with very little capital. I mean has the level of ignorance surpassed the little intelligence I claim to nurture?
A while back the International Labor Organization (ILO) report explained how unemployment, underemployment and discouragement can have a long-term negative impact on young people, compromising their future employment prospects, so our government focused on an action plan that was geared towards entrepreneurship. According to Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, over 55,500 jobs have been created and in their opinion and statistics the construction industry has registered the highest number of new youth employees, especially in the private sector.  Now am confused are those the same more than 60 percent of Kenyan youth who live below the poverty line? I did not hear anything about this in president Kibaki’s speech. His speech was elusive and in my opinion the political elite are aloof, they don’t seem to know what our people need.
What I heard… ‘ baada ya uchaguzi, utakua pale pale ulipo’ Mr. President true very true, though I think you were referring to politics,here is the irony think about it sir, we are on the ground level, we have never seen progress in our lives, yes the roads have been made, thumbs up for that, but what about the how expensive life has become? Do you know how expensive food is nowadays, no?  Do you know that we still have internally displaced people? Do you realize how the security is going down the drain with all this grenade and terrorism ‘biashara’ going on, but how would it affect you, with all the security you have? Do you realize how this circus of being the next president is affecting the naïve ones and brain washing us into being tribal? Did you realize that in your speech you said ‘tuchague JAMII ambayo wanatufaa?? Do you know how such a small error which I hope it was would do to us??? No I don’t suppose you do, because you carelessly talk not thinking that we detail what you say.
Self rule, hmm governing of a country or an area by its own people, this is according to my Oxford Dictionary, my definition… self rule: there is no white man holding a whip in a plantation farm forcing me to work, or pay hut taxes, or to always show my kipande whenever I go no white man sitting in that ‘heavenly’ sit that we call the presidential seat etc including all the this things that the likes of Dedan Kimathi, Tom Mboya, Harry Thuku, Bildad Kaggia, Jomo Kenyatta, Paul Ngei, Fred Kubai, Achieng Oneko Kungu Karumba etc fought for so as to have an independent country. But the term independent and self rule applies only to you, my politician, am yet to get a dictionary that will expound the whole meaning.

We will continue living in a swamp of complaint, and climbing out of it will require some major change in the promises our politicians claim to always fulfill one day, and manifesto’s that are not just ideologies!!!