Once upon a time in a country where peace was preached, clamping down the freedom of assembly was a tale, since it was done away with the defeat of a previous king, and democracy was laid in chronicles of speeches came an ogre who was determined to bring division. Led by the notion of equality, the ogre was trying to conduct a war against a war, so as to do away with forty two spirits that seemed to deem the authority of the spirits who were apparently ‘chosen’ by the most high to lead the people of that country.
Willful blindness became a common reaction among the people of that land and a great capacity to manipulate the facts of the true leaders overcame the people and the forty two spirits possessed the land and cast shadows amongst the people, blood was shed and people were displaced from their lands as they all ran away toseek refuge in other lands, where they knew the spirits would not get them. An event like this, seemingly out of the blue for some of the people was shocking , lives were changed, plans were no longer a routine of the people as they lived a day at a time hoping for a better tomorrow. As Alexis de Toqueville said about the French revolution ‘Never was such an event so inevitable yet so completely unforeseen’.
When the post election violence happened in Kenya, and people were divided by our forty two tribes, we all went to shock, okay most of us did, the event was unimaginable and incomprehensible and yet as the days went by, it seemed that it had been imagined, intelligence had been ignored, civil education was just but a mere ‘vibe’ information had been discarded and blind eyes had been turned on disquieting but unclear signals. As we traveled through time we as Kenyans vowed not to have a repeat of that demon that stretched below the cultural and political soil of our country. Whenever a conflict arises it usually brings up clues that had been overlooked in the profound desire for ‘CHANGE’ and that is what happened to us. 
My Point
Last week at the Kenya National Museum Kenyans gathered to celebrate and honor the spirit and courage of millions of refugees worldwide on world refugee day. If you Google up the history behind the celebrations, respect is given to women, men and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and violence. I do not want to bore you with history and facts, but when I heard that there were celebrations at the museum I went like ‘what is there to celebrate…?’ (*goes back to the dictionary to check the meaning of the word celebration*) No matter my ambivalence of this celebration I will keep saying that we have our own refugees in our own country who were possessed by the forty two spirits each gunning to rule the land. A good initiative as it may sound to celebrate and continue to realize that these refugees still have their roots, and their culture is still part of them I think we have selective amnesia on the real issues that affect us.
 I know we are bound to take part in worldwide celebrations but in my opinion, how about being opportunists and using such days to remind our leaders that we still have people who are their own refugees in their own country? Yes we have to remind them, if not us then the issue will just be a tale…
I am a dreamer, at times I wish I would live like Alice in Wonderland and one day just wake up to this beautiful country where tribal war and corruption is unheard of. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced during the 2007- early 2008 post polls violence into squalid camps, according to the government families were given money, bought for land and built for houses and according to Special Programmes Minister Esther Murungi they had played their part and she quoted ‘If I buy you land and build for you, what else would you want from me? That itself is more than justice enough’ Yes the leaders we plan to have back in our government.
This year we are getting into other elections, and the other elections just seem like yesterday. The fulcrum of change that we are looking forward to has to start with us. The wreckage of predictable but unforeseen disaster is however hugely creative, life-changing place to find ourselves in, we are incredibly aware we see where we went wrong in the last elections, we curse ourselves for being possessed by the forty two spirits, so we need NEVER EVER go to war again. Let’s preach peace.
As Shakespeare once said ‘Each man in his time plays many parts’. It’s OUR TIME…