Are you going to wait until you are thirty to make it big in life and career?’ that’s the question a friend of mine asked me and it got me thinking at how ambitious we all are. The past weekend I was in the company of really amazing people, young people making it big in Kenya and more so internationally, I felt intimidated, kind of like the way you feel intimidated when you read Forbes and watch E news to see celebrities live a life which only some of us would eagerly fantasize for…but that’s it. These friends of mine are not celebrities; they are just people who realized their path way before some of us did. 
Our lives are full of pathfinders, and one dream is never enough for us, and most of us like me, throw their nets into various careers.  I still seem to spend a part of my life each day re-evaluating, working out myself how to have a fulfilled life and how to adjust when new opportunities crop when it comes to my career. I believe mistakes build us… and in a way mistakes are path finders and in the end we realize where we have fallen and how to bounce back. Every time I get to log into the internet or just read the magazines I feel like I really lag behind in this world where young people are parading their achievements and I wonder if am the one doing the wrong thing, whether my focus is not enough or is it that my self drive is low.
Instant gratification of our lives is what I believe to be a necessity from a stagnant life, and for this change to happen we must be prepared to give up a lot, and more so our time and energy. Some things take a life time and more, and the reward must be in the resistance and the sense of rightness rather than the result.  At times I work so hard to do a lot of things simultaneously, one to get my name out there as a writer, another to have the satisfaction of being an achiever… I know when we spell our goals or achievements to others, nobody would understand the need for this dream to happen, and in the end our visions are termed as a mere fantasy conversation… but hey Martin Luther King jnr had a dream, he did not get to see it come to see it a reality, but he pioneered a change for America… Legacy.
Greed- that’s what makes us achieve our goals and loose them in a snap of a finger, why? Because we are in so much hurry to compete with our peers, forgetting about a long term success. Take the life of musicians especially in Kenya, they are making it big, I mean everyone now wants to release a song for the mere reason that fame would get you money, true it does but most people as they get into the industry become a major hit and three years down the line we forget if they once existed… legacy.
Every wish needs a vehicle, every change needs support. So you are ambitious, then what? What are you doing about it? Most of us are victim of all talk… victims of greed…victims of comparison and in the end losing our focus and not creating a niche of what we think would be a legacy if we set our minds to our ultimate goals and sacrifice a lot to make sure we get it. I say rock on… even if you believe that being a shoe maker, a teacher, a journalist, a sales person, a house help, a musician, a herder etc… whatever it is work on it… do it like you are doing it for discovery channel… but all in all don’t loose the grip of focus and self drive…so what if you are the one lagging behind on success…hey time and chance happen to them all.
The sense of exhilaration that comes with change can be addictive, but let’s not dwell on comfort zones… there are no happy endings because life doesn’t end…