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‘Maria iz how me sitaki hii bare back…give me another top!’
Wee Anne u know we have to dunga like kabisa, leo you guys will have to meet mheshimiwa, this guy has chapaa like sijui what! Sijui kama yeye uchuna pesa!’ Maria responded with a ‘cheeky’ laugh.
Guys I don’t think I will hack to go out tonight, am so broke alafu simnajua I don’t know a lot of people like you guys do… just go have fun,’ Juanita said as she helped the girls dress up.
By the way Juanita utaacha ufala, lets go have a good time, and anyway why are you so worried about money, I mean these guys are the money itself…so wacha pang’ang’a lets head out…and anyway this has been a ‘busy’ week ata kama we have been skiving classes..hehe! Dress up, kwanza pick that white top it will look good on you!’ Anne said as she adjusted the zipper to her skimpy short dress.
Juanita scratched the bridge of her nose as she contemplated her choice. Anne stared directly into Juanita’s eyes making Juanita feel as though the world would crumble of she did not accept to tag along.
‘Okay okay am coming, but am not drinking tonight, I have exams on Monday and I seriously need to prepare for them kesho. Happy?’ Juanita said as she stood to dress up.
They had some music playing, ‘riddimz,’ that gave the girls so much psyke and energy as they prepared for a night of absolute fun. From the look on Anne and Maria’s face they seemed fascinated by the self-contained world of gold digging that always catered for their better life outside the hostels. It was a tradition part of the girls to wander the streets of Nairobi with tiny tight dresses and leather boots that came almost to their butt. They happily danced as they did their make up and ‘fight’ for the mirror.
‘Girls girls, we need to hurry, this guy will call in the next minute ,na unajua ni yeye analipa taxi,’ Maria said with an exaggerated sigh. They were all standing in front of the mirror looking all fabulous.  The call came in the next few minutes and the girls hurriedly ran down stairs to the taxi. 
‘You know I have never met this guy! I hope he is not what he seems on television, unajua members of parliament look as though they are really stern, na me staki madrama!’ Juanita said as she slid at the backseat of the taxi.
‘Relax Juanita, this people are good, very mature and are not even interested in your goods, what they love is good company, and that’s what we are going to give them,’ Anne replied as she applied a little bit of lip gloss.
Kwani how many are they, si I thought we were only meeting one guy, wee Anne I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of politicians, you know some of this guys might end up forcing us into sex, na unajua the way they have money, I seriously just want a polite night!’ Juanita said as she uncomfortably went through her phone.
‘Seriously Juanita si utulie uone thika road ikipata pot holes. Life is too short ebu relax… kwanza tweet about this… people need to know we are living THE LIFE!’ Maria said as she gently tapped Juanita’s arm.
The taxi then made a stop at one of the most popular clubs in the heart of Nairobi, ‘Stingers’! The girls jumped outside.
Si you are working the whole night?’ Anne asked the taxi driver
Eehh mnicall tu mkimaliza, jibambeni!’ the taxi driver responded as he greedily ran his eyes down the silhouetted figures of these girls.
‘Anne we don’t need a taxi, we will be dropped by mheshimiwa’s chauffer, so lets bounce… haya thanx!’ Maria interrupted as she led the way to the entrance of the club.
‘Si this place is posh…I so love the music and tonight we will be at the VIP lounge how cool is that? I got a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night… I should so tweet that!’ Anne exclaimed as she hurriedly removed her phone.
‘Juanita, are you okay, you have been quiet for a while… don’t worry we will have a good time, and trust me am your best friend I will make sure you have a good time,’ Maria said as she grabbed Juanita hand to quickly lead her to the VIP lounge.
It was perfect just the way the girls had imagined it. People dancing, others chattily drinking their alcohol, the Deejay was at the top of his game, it seemed all so heavenly, what could be better than this. 
‘Hello ladies, karibu,I had saved seats for you’ the mheshimiwasaid as he hugged each of the girls. The lounge had about ten people there but it still looked spacious. The girls elegantly squeezed themselves into the couches and ordered their drinks. In her mind Juanita was surprised at how ‘easy’ the mheshimiwa was, ‘chilled out’ and very much of a gentleman. Meeting him for the first time Juanita’s opinion of him was completely rotated to a 360 degree turn. She had always considered him as a petty bureaucrat without a single redeeming characteristic. His charm made her comfortable and she did not mind ordering some brandy and tonic water.
Everyone was having a good time; Maria and Anne were busy dancing and ensuring that the mheshimiwa and his friends were glued to their dancing moves, and how their body was calling for them to go join them at the dance floor. Juanita on the other hand loved to enjoy her drink as she made small talk with the people there.
‘So are you always this quiet or are you bored?’ the mheshimiwa asked Juanita as he slowly moved closer to her.
‘Am actually a party freak…it’s just that this night I just want to chill out and enjoy my drink. Are you having a good time yourself?’ Juanita responded with a question.
Yea I am having a good time, I love the way you are all laid back…says a lot about you, and spells some sort of maturity, which I like,’ The mheshimiwa said as he signaled the waiter for another drink for Juanita.
She smiled at herself and she self reassuringly told herself that this Mheshimiwa guy was way mature than what she had perceived of him.
They made small talk on careers and school. Mheshimiwa was totally interested in her school life and kept encouraging her of how life is hard and breakthroughs to a better life. All this made Juanita very comfortable and she easily opened up to him about her dreams and her opinion on politics. 
‘Want to dance?’ Mheshimiwa asked Juanita 
‘Sure why not?’ Juanita responded as she sipped her brandy and stood up.
‘See I told you, you will have a good time,’ Anne whispered into Juanita’s ear as she danced next to her and the Mheshimiwa. The girls were having a good time, and most of the attention of the people in the club was directed to them. The girls could see all the attention they were getting and this made them even dance more in a seducing way… an incredibly night it was.
Juanita made her way back to her seat, she hated rock music and that was reason enough for her to get back to her seat. Mheshimiwa was still at the dance floor enjoying a ‘sandwich dance’ with Anne and Maria. Juanita was mature enough to know that she should never leave her drink in a glass, so she ordered for another drink. She enjoyed the small talk, and was surprised at how much she was having a good time.
Mheshimiwa wants us to go to his house, he has a small cocktail arranged for all his friends, what do you think? Si we bounce, change of environment ni poa kiasi yake! Grab your clutch we bounce!’ Maria whispered to Juanita.
 They walked out and headed to the parking and got into his car, a motorcade of cars was heading down to Karen Estate, and there were bottles of whisky and brandy which the girls drank as they chirpily got emotional on how awesome the night was. Juanita was now in a full swing party mood and all her worries of the night were all drained.
They got to Karen and were all led to the poolside where they met other people who were also having a good time. The girls sat by the pool and continued to drink. The music was so loud and the people in the pool were screaming as they dived to swim. All this was magical… ‘I want such a life!’ Juanita whispered to herself.
Hours passed and Juanita was getting pretty high. 
Wee Maria si we go home, am drunk na I don’t want any more pombe!’ Juanita said
Wacha I peleka you inside you go take water and breathe kidogo,before we go, sawa?’ Maria replied as she held her friend in a way to support her.
‘This is such a huge house, aki ya nani we should work hard and get money… I want this life!’ Juanita said as she staggered to walk.
‘We will get it my dear, usijali..time yetu itafika no worries!’ Maria responded as she led Juanita to the toilet.
Minutes passed and Maria was getting impatient, Juanita had stayed in the toilet for long.
Wee mrembo si I bounce, get me at the pool side… you are okay right?’ 
Yea am okay Maria…give me a few minutes I will catch up with you at the pool in a few…’
Juanita washed her face and tried to force herself to vomit, her head was spinning and she felt like she needed to rest. She slowly walked out of the toilet and walked to the direction which she believed was the pool side. She wandered as she squinted into the bright light bulbs that shone on the corridors.
‘Are you okay my dear?’ a voice behind her asked
‘Yes I am , am just tired I need some sleep,’ Juanita responded as she turned to see the familiar face of the Mheshimiwa.
‘Come lie down  for a few minutes on one of the guest rooms,’ Mheshimiwasaid as she helped her to walk down the hallway.
Juanita had no worries because she knew her friends would come get her, and anyway she needed to rest. They got to the guest room and she let herself lie on the bed.
‘Let me fetch you some water,’ Mheshimiwa said as he slowly got out of the room to go get water.
It was probably a dream, a very bad one; Juanita stretched herself as she tried to raise her head. She could feel that she had no clothes on.  She was in an unfamiliar room, whose walls met the ceiling at angles that would have been impossible in anything other than dream geometry. A shadow moved into the pearl-colored light and stood there just beyond the door. She knew without even having to look, that it was Maria.
‘Hey why am I naked, what happened?’ Juanita asked as she gasped to catch her breath.
Maria lit a cigarette as she walked towards Juanita’s bedside.
Wewe na vile ulikua maji jana, si ulituonyesha drama, but bottom line we had fun. I did not think you were that spontaneous to make out with chiqs and have Mheshimiwaall for yourself…Eeh Juanita jana was your night!!!’ Maria said
‘What do you mean jana, the mheshimiwa was just here and he went to get me water! What happened?’
‘After you went to the toilet you came back to the poolside, high as a kite, it’s like you had some energy shots. But no worries we had fun!’
‘Do you mean to tell me that I came back to the pool and had sex with a stranger?’
‘Juanita mheshimiwais no stranger! And anyway the guy likes you… kwanza coz of you we have bundles of cash… maisha ya kuhustle itaisha!!!
Juanita felt nausea; she could see nothing except swirling blackness. She was angry, she was worried, and was totally confused, she did not want to hear any answers to her questions. Her feeble legs could not move and she felt numb as she watched Maria smoke.
Juanita’s eyes rolled back into her forehead ‘OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED?’  She looked at the bed sheets, there was blood there, and she could feel that she had sex, but not in the normal way, because she could feel her bottom aching so back and was leaking blood.
‘Did I have anal sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Juanita asked herself as she rolled to her bedside, crying like a loving mother who had just witnessed the murder of her child.

She shook the remnants of reality trying to figure out why this had happened to her!!!
Many of us young girls are in for a fast life, fast money, easy lay with no complications, but we seem to forget that such a rosy life does not last for long. Those we might term as our best friends end up being our worst nightmares through derailments that end up affecting us. Money is good, partying is not bad, friends are not bad, hanging out is healthy but life has come to teach me that no hurry to pace up something that will not be beneficial for just a short time. Life is short yes, but enjoy every moment of it loving your self and aiming for a bright future. This is just but a fiction story but many young ladies and girls in Nairobi can relate to it, especially those who have gone through such an ordeal.