Award winning gospel group of the year, Adawnage brought a new style of music into the gospel industry and has since been rising with new and creative art. They chose to face their challenges which at times threatened to pull them down, but this band still holds strong, and is not yet about to stop… Be inspired!!

Adawnage, it truly was a dawn for you guys, so what’s the story, how did you come up with the band?

First and foremost, Adawnage is a fusion of three words A DAWN AGE, backed by Isaiah 43:19 which says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
It was a dawn for most of us because we had all tried venturing into music individually, each coming too close, but not quite. The break-through came about when Roseline Mwihaki, a singer/song-writer in the band, was a finalist in a talent search dubbed Talentmania Awards where she met the resident band members for Talentmania Awards, David Ogara (Keyboardist), Noah Otiende (Bassist) and Brian Omondi (Drummer). She scooped an award for the Most Outstanding Female Vocalist.
It was after the Talentmania Awards that David, Roseline, Noah and Brian got to know each other better, and discussed their musical backgrounds. Together, they decided to steer forward with their passion for music and ministry. They went round local churches leading praise and worship as well as presenting the song Roseline had contested with. The feedback from the churches was quite encouraging and eventually they decided to call upon other friends to join the band. Together, they met on the 28th of March 2008, prayed about the vision they had and asked God to go before them.
How many people are in the band?
Adawnage has grown to be more than a band because we now have an outreach team that works hand-in-hand with the band in outreach missions. But the forefront members ‘face of the band’ are Robert Njuguna, Anthony Iganza, Roselyn Mwihaki, Lorna Olwanda, Wanjiku Mirithu, Frank Karimi, David Ogara, Elvis Muema, Victor Monyi, Michael Wanyama, Grace Nduku and Leah Midamba.
Uwezo, that was a hit song, still is a hit song, what was the idea behind the song?
We often go through trying moments in life and most of the time we tend to look for a place that we can run to and call home – a place we can find love and the truth amidst all the lies that have affected our lives. The only place we can find all this is in the Word of God, which is a lamp unto our feet and a source of hope and joy unto our lives.

Bands have been formed, and many have opted to go on their own, what’s the secret to staying united?
First, we are a team with a clear vision and mission, hence we have something that we are working to achieve. This keeps us focused and committed.
Secondly, the music industry in Kenya is not quite as established as it is in the Western world. Most bands venture into the music industry just to ‘try it out’ and when times get tough, they disintegrate easily.
In conclusion, if anyone a team of people is planning to venture into music, they should first determine their mission and their vision. From there, they can strategize how they will begin their music career and how they will advance it as a unit and avoid stagnation, which results into the band disintegrating because there would obviously be individuals who would want to advance and wouldn’t let others pull them down.
Other than Uwezo and Safari, are there any other songs you are working on?
We launched our debut album SAFARI in December 2010. Uwezo and Safari are tracks off the SAFARI Album. We have already identified songs we want to record for our second album. We shall embark on that in the last quarter of this year, 2012.
Each member has a part to play in the band, but what else do you guys do for fun?
Well, we all have different personalities, and with different personalities comes different definitions of fun. As a team, we love hanging out together and thus we merge all these and at the end of the day never lack something to do for fun be it going for trips, get-aways, afternoon outs, partying, going for concerts or just catching up over movies and lunch.
What are the challenges that come with being in a band?
Just to mention a few challenges that come with being a band:
·         Financial Strains – Not everyone has connections with sponsors, hence working on projects which are self-funded e.g. concerts and recording projects, would be quite a strain to the individual members and would cause some bands without a strong bond to disintegrate because of financial strains.
·         Perhaps, one of the band members may be identified as being talented and may be approached to join some other group, permanently or temporarily, which would require them to forfeit their commitment to the band. But in the end, they should remind each other of the choice they made i.e. to be together J
Who is your producer? Do you have one production house or…
Our producer is Dominic Khaemba. He is a multi-talented performer and producer who has produced over 150 songs for some renowned bands and Gospel artists in Kenya. His success is rooted in his academic aptitude and artistic genius of being innovative, relevant and authentic. He is currently pursuing a Masters in the field of contemporary music composition
Did each member of the band want to venture into music?
Well, we all wanted to do something related to music, whether professionally or just as a hobby. We all had different professional backgrounds but were still actively involved in music in different aspects. Our coming together made us realize our passion for music and that was our starting point.
What new thing should we expect from Adawnage?
Expect more videos from tracks off our debut album SAFARI and also a sophomore album, which we intend to release in the second half of 2013.
Three words to sum up what you have achieved.