If blame game was a competition in the Olympics, I know who would bring home gold…
Tim King’s creation of ‘Touch’ the series which stars Keifer Sutherland was somewhat an eye opener of how different events happen simultaneously all over the world. Most of the trending news that have captured my attention have been the just concluded Olympics, Somali Piracy which is making the country a den of wealth, Laurent Gbagbo’s delayed ICC trial, the Crush of the Uganda’s helicopter, Protest by women in Tunisia against moves by the Islamist government to reduce their rights, The might to be end of Kabila’s reign over the M23 rebels and the South Sudan killings which might not be a target to Kenyans, but just a stage of being edgy on their side-maybe a search of some sense of belonging-who knows why people kill? Kenya on the other hand has trended in social media, with the top most engaged discussions being Rudisha’s Gold, the trashing of the overall performance of our athletes, Prezzo’s pay slip and 2013 elections.
A few hours ago I learnt that a few of our Kenyan leaders have been enjoined in a case seeking to block the presidential aspirants who have pending cases in The Hague. Oh so now someone has realized that we don’t need to live in a Pariah state? No? I thought so; it’s all about competition and eliminating the most vulnerable candidate. 
See when Prezzo was maintaining his cool and winning the hearts of Kenyans in Big Brother Africa, our politicians saw a way to mingle with us and shift our focus to thinking how much they support young people, and were busy trending on twitter crusading their interest in seeing prezzo win; a sense of patriotism it was, exactly what we need, right? Now that BBA is over and we do not have anything in common with them, not the Olympics, not BBA not anything I can think of… oh wait we do have something in common, we all want a leader who is not tainted, one who is geared with the driving emblem force of bringing change to Kenya.
At times when I switch on the television, it reminds me of the cacophony of the droning noise along Moi avenue during traffic, because I hear the same old stories. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!! We say we want a new leader, with something new to bring to the table, haven’t we always wanted that over the past elections? We have the same leaders who claim to bring new changes and yet again we naively use our democratic rights to see to it that these changes are brought to reality. 
Consolidating support through social media has now become the in thing, but our politics have become one of divisive character engulfing Kenya and dwarfing the sense of democracy… I mean with the tug of war going on and blame game winning the race, who needs to follow up on new manifesto’s. Call it arrogance but am yet to see the change that the same leaders who have been in government for decades claim to bring. Tim King’s creativity then brings me back to reality; As we all busy rant about negative and biased politics, corrupt leaders…,there are other major issues that should be first tackled by these leaders, say resettling of IDP’S… etc… Am sure Mr Politician you can go back to the drawing board and give me something not to be arrogant about…
But like Harold R.McAlindon said Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’