The weather in Nairobi is quite un predictable.I love it when the sun shines bright, every girl wants to be in a sundress, sleevless top, sleeveless jump suit etc it  kind of reminds me of the Tacky neon signs that hung in shop windows, all enticing and calling one to do some impulse buying on attire that maybe we would never end up wearing-everyone salivates for the lovely beauties as they grace the streets of Nairobi.I enjoy such days because my armpits can breathe after always being crowded by the massive sweaters and jumpers that i religiously wear everyday. 
It always reminds me of runway models, the streets of Nairobi, every lady trying to pillar their different tastes of fashion,I am not to be exculded from the list, although am one to topple over while trying to keep my head high with my ‘esteemed’ fashion ‘touch’… yes slowly trying to kill the ghetto crap out of my genes. Back to my point, with every effort being put out there to boost some self esteem, or confidence or merely to impress, there are those few elements that annoy me, okay disgust me. With a disdainful glare am sure many would agree as they stare at the beauties that even with the exposure of the skin, it is quite a put off to see hair under the armpits cave like a rainforest. I have heard conversations where many claim that each individual woman should shave what they’re comfortable with and maybe our society has an obsession with asociating hairlessness with attractive feminity. I am not trying to piss on anyone’s turf but i believe that if one wants to show arm skin, one’s got to shave!
I would not be part of an argument to try and understand why a lady should not shave her armpits, because i will clearly not want to understand the ‘saintful’ nurture of a rain forest in ones under arms.I once brought that argument on face book and was surprised at how many ‘females’ would prefer to have hair, with lame reasons such as ‘i am not out to impress anyone’ or ‘i only shave when i wear sleevless’ and ‘people are different and Corrie you can not force this on anyone, its one’s choice’… oh well true it is it is ones choice.
What i really dont understand is the part of trying to impress anyone, i mean do you dress up to impress people, I dont! I dress up to look good, to boost my self confidence, to feel good about myself,the rest follow suite.Now that nobody will be up your sleeve trying to asses your armpits , does that mean that you should not shave? I dont know whether its naivety or lack of exposure, but i find any lady trying to defend her opinion on why she would rather take farming to her arm pits very lame. Hair collects sweat, allows for odour to build up not to mention is extremely gross. It looks all jelleyed up when one applys ‘roll on’ to try do away with the bad smell that accompanies the weeded up rainforest. 
As we doll up for occasions just remember that with the nice short sleeved tops, hair hanging out from the underarms spoils the whole charade that you try to pull out as you walk down the ‘run way’.