You know they never found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. For those who do not know what type of disease this is; it is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure for the disease, and it worsens as it progresses, eventually leads to death.  Research indicates that the disease is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain, there are no available treatments that stop or reverse the progression of the disease.


Maybe am naïve, maybe I am not ambitious, or maybe I am just arrogant!!  They call it a hustle, and as the gangster saying goes  you gats to do what you gats to do’ but I just never get why Alzheimer’s is slowly creeping into most young ladies minds in Kenya, as they greedily or desperately look for jobs in Saudi Arabia!! Well I get the fact that there are hardly enough jobs in Kenya to cater for the masses who have made Uhuru park their office, but then again I never understand why people would prefer to go to Saudi Arabia even with the dangers that come with its well paid chores. This kind of monolithic society is stemming from the urban areas and into the rural parts of the country. I always ask myself how do this people in ‘mashinani’-(what we call very remote and rural areas of a particular region) get to know of these utility providers who easily lure people reassuring them of a way out of and have a plane ready waiting to fly these women to the land of ‘glory’ and opportunities! I ‘kinda’ it ,the country might offer a big scale job opportunity, which would reshape one’s economic future and marry someone to join other Kenyans, who are also in a mission to better their lives, but at what cost? 
I have heard of so many stories, some which seem like a movie to me, I mean does this really happen in this world? Breastfeeding on behalf of Saudi women, going for days without food yet working as a donkey, feeding Majini’s (spirits), being thrown from third floor storied building as a form of punishment, washing snakes, being beaten, Facing Jail terms…etc. This are just but one of the very few issues that these young women go through. Mark Ogutu of the Daily Nation newspaper quotes ‘At the mercy of their employers, women employed in these jobs endure untold hardship and suffering, some almost to the point of losing their lives.’ When I first used hear these tales of the Gulf, I thought that they were just fictions propagated by people in the office to break the monotony of a boring day, but reading it from the daily’s and also watching the ‘hadithi’s’ (stories) from women who have gone through this I realize that many young women have decided to have selective amnesia… which at times in my opinion is a twisted form of dementia… I mean a hustle is a hustle but this… Nah Ah Ah!!
Cliques of agencies always have the eve nerve and can easily convince you how much the apple you are about to bite, is the key to open your eyes and drift in a paradise of wellness, forgetting that the same apple will make you realize that you are naked, and getting the leaves to clothe yourself will have to take you back to the beginning!
Just the other day two friends of mine got married, we were all proud of the new couple, they are among  the first of my peers to get married, you can imagine how most of us drooled over the fact that ‘she found a good man’ and ‘he found a proverbs 31 wife oh well not me, I was proud of them but not envious, anyway, a month later I got to hear that the proverbs 31 wife decided to go abroad and work, apparently she had been told of the black gold mine,(African women) that was being sought by the people in the gulf, to do small time jobs for quick and easy money. I don’t know how she is fairing, because no one seems to keep close tabs, am left to assume that there are network issues with communication in Saudi, because my mind would not want to roam and start thinking of the ordeal she might be undergoing! 
In his book ‘Screw It Lets Do It’ Richard Branson quotes ‘Aim high, Try new Things, Always Try, Challenge Yourself.’ I concur with this but get annoyed when people interpret such sentiments with arrogance, its never that serious, everyone needs something to aim for, say a challenge or a goal, but not at the cost of their life!! People never learn, but then again they have not yet found a cure for Alzheimer’s, so no CT scan can help try to remove the tumor of selective amnesia…