african children praying
Her bare legs were poking out beneath the black skirt which had blood spills. She buried her head on her thighs, all she could feel was anger and hatred. Human beings lacked the value of humanity, she saw no point of living, she hated herself, and she hated the world. She wanted to run away but had no idea where to. All she could feel was nausea and a cloud of bad odour that masked the fresh air. 
He was resting in the hut, massaging his belly button, as he smoked a cigarette. He felt like a man, he always did whenever he was alone with her in the hut. He enjoyed how hard she fought him when he tried to squeeze his manhood into her tiny body, it did not bother him that she was only a child, he loved them ripe and innocent and more so when they took kick boxing to his playground. He scratched his chin and smiled at the thought of how enjoyable it was, he wanted it again but first he wanted some meal to be prepared so that he could gain more strength to play battle with the tiny one.
Mukami!!! You lazy girl where are you?’ he sounded rough like an elephant’s bellow. 
She was not surprised; she was used to his grunting. She slowly wobbled into the hut, her whole body was shaking, and she had no voice it had all been wasted in the screaming and yelling.
‘Hurry up and warm some food for me. I am very hungry!’ he yelled as he shoved Mukami to the corner of the hut where the stove was. 
There was no more food, Mukami had helped herself with the leftovers she did not know that he would be hungry in such a short time.
There is no food papa, I will rush to the market and get some vegetables,’ she said in a very shaky voice. 
She knew that she had upset him, no sooner had she completed her sentence than he pounced on her with kicks and slaps. She fell on the floor, she tried to scream but this time round, all her energy was gone. She was helpless. He had so much strength and she was only nine years old, what could she do to this giant? Not a fly hung around him, he had beaten her before and nobody lifted a finger to stop him. He tore her clothes and threw her on the mattress, she tried to shield her tiny body but it was all in vain, she hated this life, she hated God, she saw no meaning in life. Her father was supposed to be her protector, he was supposed to be her defender yet he was the monster that she dreaded every day.
What are you doing to her? Leave her alone!’A woman’s voice screamed
Get out of here you silly woman! Go make some food for me!’
But she is our daughter, leave her please please!’ the woman cried as she pushed him over and grabbed Mukami.
This is none of your business woman!’ he roared as he took Mukami from her hands.
No please don’t beat me,’ Mukami whispered, her voice was all gone. Through the pain of her skin she could not cry anymore, she could feel the earth rotating. Maybe she was going to die this time, she told herself.
He dropped her on the floor, pulled up his trousers and walked outside the hut. 
I have gone to the bar, I better find food when I come back!’ he shouted as he walked out of the compound.
Don’t hate him my dear daughter, he is just having a bad day Mukami, he will get better, I am sorry my daughter,’ Mukami’s mother said as she picked up her daughter. ‘And stop crying, you are a woman, women should not cry,’ she said as she wiped her daughter’s tears.
Mama let us run away, I feel so much pain, I can not take it anymore,’ Mukami said
Stop being silly Mukami, we all have to make sacrifices. Who will pay for your school fees and  where will  we go? We just have to play nice with papa and give him what he wants, one day we will fight him,’ she said standing up ready to prepare the evening meal.
It never gets better, her mother always promised that life would get better, but Mukami’s life got worse. She was only a child with no one to fight for her. She followed her mother and helped her to prepare her father’s food.
Children in Kenya have become victims of rape and abuse; most of them are too young to understand what is happening. In the recent weeks media houses have headlined news of fathers being beasts and molesting their own children, some have been rescued while others are living in a shell of war with no one to protect them, not even their own mothers, in the end the father ends up killing his family and turning the knife to himself.  Children have been stripped off their human rights; they do not know what love is… Who should be blamed? What is the course of action to be a voice to the tiny ones, the voiceless?