It has been a while since I painted my thoughts here. Funny thing is that this season, January to March I have written so many articles all in bulk for my job and other gigs. Well at least I wasn’t suffering from writers block but I kept procrastinating writing for My Time.
A lot has been written and talked about; the peak of it all has been current affairs and more so politics. I wanted to do something on politics but a lot has happened in my life over the last couple of days so I decided to write something different, something inspiring, I hope. So here goes.

Human beings are defined by many things and in many ways as good or bad but the main thing that defines us is our cause. We live our lives writing our stories in different pages, we want to define our moments but by living in those moments we define our cause. I read somewhere ‘We are all ready to be savage in some cause.
The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of the cause.’ I want to write a story about my life, change the grammar and the tense, I want to live for now I want my cause to define my destiny and leave a legacy.
Have you ever had a story to write but you just don’t know where to start; have something to do or an achievement to accomplish but you just don’t seem to get it right? Often when I look at myself in the mirror I wonder, am I the person I was destined to be or was I meant to be someone else?
Over the past one week I have come to learn a lot about who I am, what I am capable of amid all the mistakes I have done and all the flaws in me. But each time I try to rise up and push on, I feel like I am running at such a slow pace, I want everything to fall into place, everything to work out on my own terms.
It is written faith can move mountains but it is also written that faith without action is dead. We all want to succeed. But do you at times feel like you work hard so that you can prove a point? No? I have. But who matters, proving to yourself or to other people? Take a look inside the mirror and chase to be happy for you.

Do people change? Yes they do, they just choose not to because it is easier not to. Until you face the mistakes you have made you can never change. So yes a good and a bad man are defined by the choice of their cause.