family pic

I remember

My family is not the perfect of all families. We have been through it all.

I remember when i was a child and mum would hustle to feed us as dad struggled to get his Phd

I remember in 1997 when i had an accident and i could see how hard it was for my family

I remember dad visiting me in hospital, Looking all courageous, Waving smiles to me

I remember mum always visiting and reading for me African stories

I remember the look my siblings had, their eyes filled with love and sadness all at once

I remember the worry on my parents face, maybe it was the finances, maybe it was my health

I remember one Christmas when we had no food, when we sat on the kitchen floor

I remember my sisters’ face, they were happy,

I remember saying to myself, ‘They have no idea how tough this is for mum and dad’

But i smiled, because what mattered then was the love we shared

The Kisilus

That’s my family name

My sisters are all grown up, my brother to many is like the first born, well because my dwarfish nature sells it

The Kisilu’s

My kid twin sisters, 18 years of age now

I never hear the end of this adult migration marred with Justin Beiber talks

Fashion at the red carpet and realities of the Kardashians

The kids of this generation who disown their names on social media and baptise themselves with words in the name of names

But it’s all part of growth, for the twins hold the Kisilu’s together

Their laughter, their teenage nature, ohh they do keep us on toes

My 20 year old sister

The geek, the focused one, the one with all the answers and solutions in the Kisilu’s pad

She is an optimist, fashion she loves but is a bit conservative

Tiny she is, but this girl eats

Hardly does she laugh at my jokes, but she does smile at them, you know not to hurt me

Intelligent she is

My 25 year old brother

The only boy of the Kisilu’s

I love him, not because he took blame when i broke the TV aerial when I was 15 years

Not because he comes through for me when my blonde nature overpowers me in the tech world

But because he is real, annoyingly real

My sisters don’t like it but it comes in handy,

He thinks on his feet, sober when I let my emotions run in making decisions

His God fearing nature challenges me

Mum and Dad

The oasis where love breeds

To see them flood us with love and hope

I remember when we were kids and we got evicted from a house we used to live in

Move into a house with no windows, they still smiled, they hoped

To many having a Tv was normal, For us it was a milestone, to be like the rest

To have this box with pictures which we would hurdle at the neighbours to watch

To have our first DVD in 2009 and get to watch the most popular series

For at first we would use dad’s computer, 24, prison break and traveler would tell the tale of how we would squeeze to watch, the five of us

Never did we complain, for mum and dad hoped

They taught us about Christ, they still do

The simplicity of life and humility was dad’s motto, well other than the fact that we had to bring good grades

Mum and Dad our first love, my first love

I write about the Kisilu’s for I am reminded of where i come from

I write of the Kisilu’s because the Kisilu’s are just but one of many families

We forget where we come from, forget the hustles our families have been through

Forget ourselves in this world filled with highways of fitting in

We get swamped in the nothings which we turn into somethings and forget our families

We gobble success and knit ourselves in cadres, forgetting where we came from

No matter the nature of our background, be it rich or poor

Be it normal or comfortable

Don’t lose yourself in this world, Don’t

That’s my story, well a quarter of it, what’s yours?