end to a new beginning
The year is finally over, the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds of misty swirls
Undefined future, Torturous choices, fleeting good and bad moments that remain as memories
The year is finally over

Of counting blessings and learning from failures
The bewildering fear of an ending year without achieving the resolutions planned at the start of it

The achievements which i have experienced this year mount my failures
I choose to count them, to separate them just like the chaff is separated by winnowing

But my failures are not shy to bomber me with a misery story
For what may seem as the cycle of incarnation
A repeat of wrongs and mistakes, I choose to move on
Either way that’s done and gone, the year is finally over

Of lost careers, built careers
Of lost love, of found love
Of new borns in our lives and those who are around us
Of the death of those we loved, of the heart which misses a loved one who is in far lands

Of lost friendships, of built friendships
Of paid Debts of unpaid debts
Isn’t that the cycle of the 367 days?
This tangible world is filled with such, an everyday of new things and experiences

So do we sit down AGAIN and write New Year resolutions?
Do we haggle with our instinct on what is to be and what is not to be?
The stupendous feeling of leaving 2013 and its problems behind
Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Sigh and Choose

The year is finally over; close your eyes, breathe, and just for a second sigh
Sigh at the moments which were filled with blessings
Sigh at the moments which were filled with tears

Sigh at the moments which had you in bondage with caged fears of failure and hopelessness
Sigh at the moments which were a new beginning
For if you choose to rant over what you lost and what would have been
You CHOOSE to live in the past, as it is inevitable it’s still your choice
Your choice not to be a NEW YOU, but a BETTER you
It’s all in the choices

What Next

We at times pride in living polished lifestyle to please others
Moments are fleeting
My 2cents: Believe in who you are and be true to yourself, Be PRAGMATIC
2013 is almost over, creating New Year resolutions, not a bad thing,
But I believe in continuing to build that which I created foundation for
In my head I have phosphorescent aisles of dreams, who can blame me

A girl can dream right?
Dream, Work Hard, be TRUE to who you are

Every End is a New Beginning

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New 2014