At times it’s all they can do, TO POUR
It’s all that can be done to let go, CRY

It is our cart, Helps us carry our burdens


“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before–more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle” Charles Dickens

Blessings trigger tears
Death triggers tears
Sadness triggers tears
Heartbreaks trigger tears
Disappointment triggers tears
Tears Tears Tears

I sit on my bed, stare into space
Blessings glare at me
Nothing distastes me
A life sauced with good tidings
But all i feel right now is to explode
Explode in tears
Maybe it’s a girls hormones, I know not
So i stare,and let it well up

I break down like a child crying for breast milk
I break down and ink my cheeks with tears
I break down and wail
Wail alone because I can, because i want to
Sadness now blankets me
Covers me and i feel alone

Alone is not what I want
But it’s all that is there
Maybe its my hormones
I am a girl after all
My tear glands are used to this, to tears
But then again i remember, vulnerability
That’s all i feel right now

Women we cry, sometimes it’s hard to understand us
But we cry because some heavy lifting will be done
That’s us! Its just who we are

My tears are treasured
They are accounted for
For in every tear drop God consoles us

I remember Amy Grant’s words
‘We pour out our miseries
God just hears a melody
Beautiful, the mess we are
The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah’

Tears,Through it all, When Blessed,when in pain, when vulnerable
We cry,
Some heavy lifting, an option that carries us in our deep moments