My World, Your World, Our World


She prays day and night, Longing for a child

Her Plead appeal to God, Scared that the husband can flee

She wants a child, she needs one


In another world, another hates her womb

Too young to be pregnant, she wants out, gout it out

Her plead appeal for finance, to have it sliced

This thing inside her


Deemed as the poor president, Slacking and lacking, his indifference, they dislike

But this defines him not, For his experience has taught him

Choosing to lead on, the pinch of richness aches not

Leadership defined? He is the son of Uruguay


In another world, another siphons the little left for the masses

Digging deep through promises, living lavish in pleasures

An Oasis of tied lies, brutality and corruption

Leadership defined?


Born into this world, no one gave the choice of race, religion, colour or tribe

But they define me, stereotyped, discriminated against, it’s my world too

Is mother to be blamed? Is my blood different from yours?

Everyday placecards have to remind  you that I am human

It’s my world too, what makes you better than me? Colour, Religion, Race, Tribe


They should all die, wither and go back to their land

They are eroding our culture, we are better off alone

Mowing our lands with their ideals, who they are, is the end of who we are, DEATH

The world as it is, xenophobia, tribalism, racism…it is there open your eyes


They stay up all night, guarding the luxurious premises for the important in the world

They are fathers and mothers of people, but who cares, they are night guards, police men and women

Peanuts is served every month, but what they protect amounts to millions and billions

That’s just my world, you did not go to school, so hey peanuts you get


We need them, they need us, but they harass us, yet they are our ‘protectors’

Collectively they are corrupt, bribing to make ends meet, protecting on their own terms

But this world, this our world, a few have spoilt them all, we are now scared of them

The police, priorities misplaced! Leaders failed!! My world defined


Nassing!! NYE! Education is key, go to class, otherwise you have no life

Four years screwed to the classroom and glued to the lectures, drilling books seeking knowledge

Four more years, later, screwed by life, no job, yet with a degree and complimentary courses

Lanes tarmacked by sweat and hustles , the life we choose, Nassing, so Education is key?


Nassing!! NYE!! you have to know people, no room to waste your energy on books

Get the papers, just for the sake, but know people, that’s your way to earn riches

Four years later, I employ my classmates in whatever job, just because I know people

First class they had,  a pass I have but hey, I know people! Nassing, Know people!


My world, your world, our world,

Fighting to live, wishing to have, longing to be

An oxymoron of diversity and versatility

THIS LIFE! They say it’s fair because it is unfair to everyone in their own way