if the shoe fits

If The Shoe Fits

I tuck it in, sometimes squeeze it in,
It fits
This shoe fits

You tuck it in, try to squeeze it in,
It doesn’t fit
This shoe doesn’t fit. Let it be.

If the shoe fits, you would give me a shoulder
Louder you will wail with me
Harder you will hold me
Longer you will endure with me
If the shoe fits

If the shoe fits, you would feel me
Heal me if you would, be with me
Need me to not be in this state
Taste the pain and help me chase it
If the shoe fits

If the shoe fits, your heart would skip
Skip at the danger and the vulnerability
Twitch at the thought of the inevitable
For what lies ahead has no assurance…
If the shoe fits

But the shoe fits not,
Knot the urge to make me feel better
Tatter that need to want to know
To know just for the sake of it, fake it
Fake the sincere concern rushing through you
Just because you want to know
The shoe does not fit

Damn right I’m crazy about my shoe
Shooting the craziness inside me
This pain that is just constant,Churning and turning
Will this end?

This shoe hurts,Removing it is throwing in the towel
I’m not ready for that…
So I will squeeze it in, walk with my head high,hide my tears
But I will not stop, this shoe is mine, and now its all that fits

If the shoe Fits, Tuck it in on a sunny and a rainy day
It’s your shoe and only yours!


When you can’t fight anymore…just breathe, think of a new strategy, get up and continue fighting…Battles can be won…go down trying and fighting!