this Different cultures integrate us, build us, get us out of a cocoon, grow us and above all change our mind perceptions…For a man to live in a world that is dynamic, his way of thinking has to shift and this happens through interaction.

I have to write this. So many jumbled words to express myself with. If only i would paint my experience with words that would make you all fit in my shoes. To drill the experience so that you can understand what i am talking about. But all i have are the twenty six letters of the alphabet to do this. I hope to do justice with them.

Has age ever scared you? Each year to clock a new, and wondering what you have done in your past years. What accomplishments you have had.
At 27 years i flinch a bit at the thought of me clocking 30 in three years. Clocking three decades and having not achieved what i have always wanted to,at least that is what my to do list which hoovers around my 16 year old brain tells me.
By now i should have had a car, maybe built my own house, a boyfriend who gears to marry me in a few years, a CEO in my own company, a renowned writer in the region…that 16 year old girl in me must be very disappointed.
Yes i do flinch, sometimes. But most times, i LIVE!

This past week i had the honor of being around amazing people. Young intellectuals living their dreams and travelling the world sharing their ideas and making change. I felt challenged. I felt motivated.
See living in a world whereby you are cocooned in an environment where you come out as the most successful or among those who are on the high road to success can really fool you. Outside that shelled life that gives us comfort are other people making longer strides, beating the tides of misfortunes and living to sacrifice a lot for an unknown future but a calculated end product (does this make sense?)

Sometimes we just choose to live in comfort and our lives fly on…we assume, we procrastinate and choose to be content. The 16 year old in me had dreams…dreams that if i chose to be grounded, maybe just maybe the 27 year old I am today would not be where i am. Do i regret? No…If i did i would not have learnt so many things.

It takes one experience to make our decisions and choices more concrete and more convincing to our souls that we can continue to beat the tide and hopefully find calm waters. I know many people would relate to my experiences because they have had the opportunity to network with others outside their shell…cultured by others’ ideologies and changed by what the world can offer to open mindedness.

Ninth president of World Bank James D. Wolfensohn quoted, “In this time of globalization, with all its advantages, the poor are the most vulnerable to having their traditions, relationships and knowledge and skills ignored and denigrated, and experiencing development with a great sense of trauma, loss and social disconnectedness.”

I think one day the 16 year old in me who had all these dreams will be proud of the learning process I’m going through…but remember learning is one thing acting on that knowledge is something else. Sometimes worry can derail you and this might make you demote yourself to a nobody. This one experience just confirmed a lot about so many discussions i had within myself. I’m I comfortable? No? But i am happy that this sense of challenge agrees with my motivation to quit worrying, to LIVE,LEARN and ACT.

I hope this piece makes sense.