kermit 3

The movie of beautiful friendship built daily Ze Clew…

It could be none of your business, So let Kermit handle that for you…sips on nassing

I’m gonna tell you about laughter
Laughter and friendship
I’m gonna tell you about a love filled with laughter
I’m gonna tell you of a crew
A crew brought together through social media
A crew divided by different lands in the world
A crew that i have come to learn, love and live with
I’m gonna tell you about my thousand kilometers journey
A journey to meet the crew
Of people i have never met before
Of people i just talked with on social media
I’m gonna tell you about REAL PEOPLE
This crew, called ZeClew

Shipped by the waves of social media
Fished and webbed through whatsApp
Laughter created, love built, energy sustained
Ze Clew

It’s real because it took time
It’s amazing because it keeps me going
It’s different because it just is
Ze Clew

It’s not just for everyone
Not all will understand
Stand through the realness and nonsense
Ze Clew

This i chose, This i forever will cherish
I see years of growing old
Old with them, still laughing, still loving
Ze Clew

I do have true friends, amazing ones
But today, Today i’m telling you about Ze Clew
Today my heart cries, the beautiful kind of crying
Hot tears of love and an eruption of missing Ze Clew

Yes I will cry with love, laugh with tears of joy
I feel like a teenager in love
I thank God for Ze Clew, REAL PEOPLE

Focused, Crazy, Loving, Imperfect, True

Tell that story of that friendship that’s got no better definition
No better expression
No better explanation
Just a bunch of clowns you have come to love
A bunch of craziness that bears no judgement
A bunch of something not explained
Tell that story

Ze Clew, I would do that journey to Kampala and Kigali again
For the laughter, the love and shell of belonging
I will do that journey again!
But for now,I say my silent prayer

To thank God for this beautiful crazy clowns

Ze Clew