My face as i write this piece


Sometimes silence is the flesh of a conversation
The flesh of the fight that you know you will lose

So you let it be, Silently

I sit here, Thinking, Wondering
Do i speak out?
I speak out a lot of times
I fight
But this time round
I think
I will be silent

Silent because it’s just a battle
This needs no army
The army of my words is at bay
Scheming silently, but thinking loudly
But this time i put my finger on my lips

Silence does not mean you don’t have the strength
Silence this time means that your efforts for this battle
Your efforts will drain you
Silence means that you are planning for a war
A war clotted with muscled desire to strive
So i wait for the battle to pass
I put my finger on my lips

I’m not afraid of losing a battle
But I’m afraid of losing a war
My weapon for the war is being sharpened
At bay words weave, scheme and brains work
But now Silence prevails

Sssh Dont be afraid to keep quiet
Sometimes it is the recipe for a good win
Words will not run out
They will not dry up
Just wait for some battles to pass
Put your finger on your lips