indecent 1



Drums beating

Smoke over the hill
Messengers summoned

Whistles heard
Kisses blown
Prying eyes watch

Flaunting her body
Painted with curves
Curves calling for a touch

Her beauty she sees, maybe she wants to sell
She maneuvers through the crowd
Assuming the whistles and whispers
The wind caresses her curves and blows her clothes

Drums are loud now, smoke is thickening
She strides through the messengers
They surround her, they want to touch
But she lets them NOT

One grabs her, touches her
She moves, scared,pulls her sims down
The beasts now hoover
Beating their chests
Foamed saliva flows, They want it, but they strip it

The hems unfold, the sims are torn
They fight over the beauty they CANT have
They strip her, They laugh,
Like savages, they groan at some greed
They call it justice for beauty

They call it justice for indecency
The beasts are now a law
Their balls  rattle at the excitement of justice
They chant around her
Touch her, humiliate her, laugh at her

They are done
They have done their work
But she is miserable, Torn
Torn inside and outside
Embarrassed she walks away

Violence, Rape,Disrespect

No human being has the right to do this to someone
We should speak out
We should mobilise each other so as to do away with such acts
Do NOT be afraid to say NO, SAY NO TO SUCH ACTS

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